Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010


Fairport Convention by Alan Holmes

The Saturdays by Alan Dawson

The Human League featuring New Order

New Kids on the Block

Destiny's Child by Dee Lacy (+67=640)

Destiny's Child by Frances Wilson (+21=604)

Destiny's Child featuring Girls Aloud by Janet Munro (+40=605)

UK Subs

Genesis by Robert Poole (+50=690)

Genesis featuring Sham 69 by Roger Williams (+32=621)

The Offspring by Charles Everett (+47=629)

Kingdom Come by Tony Kinghorn (+62=622)

Kingdom Come by Brian Edridge (+80=637)

Rocket From The Crypt by Andy Sutton (+171=766)

No Doubt featuring The Magic Numbers by Val Hamilton

The Doors featuring No Doubt by Neil Stewart (+35=590)

Taylor Swift by Bob Taylor (+51=657)

The Tamperer featuring Mayhem by John Barnard

Erasure by Bill Bowers (+36=664)

Erasure by David Rawden (+7=406)

Embrace by Campbell Singer

AC/DC by Alan Castle (+63=1053)

AC/DC by David Claymore (666)

Inxs by Martin Collins (+110=1160)

Inxs by Jim Fothergill (+106=1065)

Inxs featuring Johnny Cash by Campbell Singer (+101=1130)

Men at Work by Douglas Law (+70=550)

Men at Work by Peter Wilson (+22=648)

Men at Work by Graham and Anne Bunn (+21=908)

Drive-By Truckers by Don Reid (+27=815)

999 by Peter Collins (+35=1478)

The Prodigy by Mark Jackson

Puressence featuring Stackridge by Audrey Litterick (+64=888)

Dire Straits by Charlie Scott (+46=521)

Grandaddy by Miles Hutchinson (+26=927)

The Power Station featuring Massive Attack by Trevor and Sue Littlewood (+31=1075)

A-ha by Andy Hyams

Talking Heads featuring Radiohead by Eric Young

Bad Company by Alan Dawson

We Are Scientists by Chris Crocker

Big Country by Brian Dickson

The Pigeon Detectives featuring Jimmy Cliff by Martin Richardson (+96=824)

Stone Temple Pilots by Margaret Squires (+108=767)

Loose Ends by Hamish Brown (+9=1158)

A Certain Ratio by Jim Bloomer

Athlete by Hilary Quick (285)

Athlete by Paul Caban (+24=1175)

Athlete featuring Runrig by Phil Dant (+15=365)

The Beautiful South by Peter Malone (+68=1002)

The Beautiful South by Vernon Miles (+22=775)

Heaven 17 by Eddie Harwood (+15=741)

Weather Report by Barbara Jones (+44=1105)

The New Seekers featuring Heart by Alan Castle

Simple Minds by Chris Watson

David Ethics by David Purchase

Faith No More by David Hughes (+48=912)

Longwave by Alan Dawson

Marilyn by Janet Munro

Boyzone by Jamie Everett (+62=235)

Focus by Ian Baines (+17=503)

Ocean Colour Scene by Chris Pearson

The Killers by Andy Hyams (+67=1075)

The Move by Bill Fairmaner (+15=1394)

The Move by Les Cunningham (+12=774)

Trio by Gavin Theobald (+28=779)

Snap by Campbell Singer

British Sea Power by Colin Brash (+72=1033)

British Sea Power featuring the Vatersay Boys by Richard Paul (+37=663)

World Party by Jonathan Appleby (+22=436)

Low by Gerry Cummins (+35=670)

The Jacksons by Mark Jackson

Status Quo by Ken Butcher (+0=1552)

Lowgold featuring The Jacksons by Ken Butcher

The Smiths: Tony Smith (+57=989)

The Smiths: Mark Smith (+24=1008)

The Smiths: David G. Smith 1930-2008

Enigma by Ian Henderson

Enigma by Andrew Allum

Enigma by Peter Habeler

That Petrol Emotion by Mark Trengove (+42=543)

That Petrol Emotion by David Foster (+13=778)

Teenage Fanclub by Mark Jackson (+12=64)

Ultra Vivid Scene by Rob Woodall (+3=1554)

Earth, Wind and Fire by Bob Kerr (+67=574)

Ultravox featuring Wire and Sting by Graham Illing (+24=1548)

Guided By Voices

Family by Ian Teasdale (+55=687)

Family by Dorothy Wilson (+19=1108)

The Brakes by Tony Deall (+32=763)

Westlife by Peter Simpson (+74=1273)

Westlife featuring Eagles by Tony Rogers (+88=888)

Snow Patrol by Alan Dawson

Europe by Chris Pearson (+13=744)

Europe by Graham Illing (+24=1548)

Europe featuring Section 25 by Iain Thow (+48=1144)

Europe featuring Section 25 by Andrew Dempster (+22=834)

Savage Garden by Audrey Litterick

Little Feat by Ronald Turnbull (+5=642)

Little Feat by Andrew Templeton (+9=907)

Little Feat by Kevin Palmer (+3=302)

Little Feat by Andy Rook (+8=869)

The Only Ones by Tom Waghorn (+1=498)

The Only Ones by Steven Smith (+1=564)

Wet Wet Wet by Andy Tomkins (+61=360)

Tricky by John Ward (+35=1035)

New Order by Pete Sellers (+20=772)

Ace of Base by Matt Rendle (+29=632)

Super Furry Animals by Dave Tyson (+21=807)

Super Furry Animals by James Lamb (+2=903)

Super Furry Animals by Martyn Dougherty (+83=835)

Super Furry Animals by Alison Fox (+65=932)

Super Furry Animals by Michael Curtis (+15=976)

The View featuring Camera Obscura by Phil Cooper (+16=1245)

The Wonder Stuff

Splodgenessabounds by Donald Shiach (+24=682)

The Proclaimers by Mary Williams

The Proclaimers by Beryl Castle

The Small Faces by Colin Crawford (+6=1547)

The Small Faces by Alan Brook (+22=638)

The Small Faces by Jon Foote (+29=585)

The Small Faces by Gordon Ingall (+27=1167)

The Wedding Present by Jeff Parr (+32=476)

Green Day by Andrew Fraser (+60=860)

Green Day by Colin Green (+25=727)

Journey by Donald Irvine (+92=966)

Ten Years After by Peter Dawes (+37=1151)

Ten Years After featuring The Archies by David Purchase (+23=860)

The Waterboys featuring So Solid Crew

Editors by Jon Metcalf (+49=1111)

The Spin Doctors