Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010

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Jim Fothergill (+106=1065)

I managed to increase my total by three figures for the sixth year in a row and now have only one Welsh Marilyn left to do - Bardsey Island - but 19 still outstanding in England.

Major trips included weeks in Pitlochry, Ariundle, Torridon and Edinburgh/Stirling, plus a fortnight shared between the Great Glen hostel (the old Loch Lochy YH) and Inverie. I struggled to find a hostel in Edinburgh where you could park but found the Globetrotter Inn which, when booked via Hostelbookers, was amazingly only £6 including breakfast. It was a bit impersonal but the unisex bunks had curtains and a light, which seemed a great idea. Highlights of the year:

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