Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010

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The Tamperer featuring Mayhem

John Barnard

We are concentrating our Marilyn and SubMarilyn surveys on those hills with re-ascent between 147m and 153m. Heights were measured with a Leica 530 GPS system. In 2009 we discovered two new Marilyns and deleted Raw Head and Baystones from the list. Survey results are summarised below.

  Name Height Location Drop Status
1A Creag na Criche 456.8 NN985350150.8 New Marilyn
30C Mynydd y Cwm304.9 SJ073767150.0 New Marilyn, just
30C Moel y Gaer303.7 SJ210690 c125 Hump
34C Baystones486.9 NY403051147.7 Now a SubMarilyn
36 Raw Head227.1 SJ508548148.4 Now a SubMarilyn
1C Meall Cala674.0 NN508127149.0 Still a SubMarilyn
6B Creag an t-Sithein634.4 NO031658148.3 Still a SubMarilyn
21B Hill of Tillymorgan380.8 NJ652348153.2 Still a Marilyn
30F Gamallt474.5 SN955709147.4 Still a SubMarilyn
34C Seat Sandal736.7 NY344115151.9 Still a Marilyn
38A Earl's Hill319.5 SJ409048146.1 Still a SubMarilyn
39 Milk Hill294.3 SU104643 c147 Still a SubMarilyn
1D Ben Vane915.7 NN277098 c423 Still a Munro
9C Beinn Teallach914.6 NN361859301 Still a Munro, just
10B Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe913.7 NG895015 c390 Still a Corbett
12A Sgurr nan Ceannaichean913.4 NH087480 c185 Demoted from Munro to Corbett
36 Hail Storm Hill476.6 SD 83498 19349 Marilyn
36 Kinder Scout634 SK 08485 87563 Marilyn

Moel y Gaer was surveyed because if it were higher than 304.9m it would have replaced Mynydd y Cwm as the Marilyn.

Milk Hill was confirmed as the county top of Wiltshire, as it is higher than Tan Hill by 0.24m.

The survey of Hail Storm Hill confirmed the accurate position of the summit of this very flat-topped hill. The south-east top at SD 84093 19015 is 0.12m lower.

The height of Kinder Scout was established by optical estimate from the trig point. The summit position was identified as a small grassy platform on a peaty knoll, but this may not last long due to further erosion.

There were no changes to the list of Nuttalls or Deweys in 2009 but a few were surveyed to confirm their status:

Name Height Location Drop Status
Carreg y Diocyn665 SH83036314.3 Not a Nuttall
Craig Wen604.9 SH59750825.3 Not a Dewey
Moel Cae'r-defaid531.1 SH800246 c68 Still a Dewey
Craig y Benglog525.2 SH80524432.6 Still a Dewey
Croes y Forwyn499.2 SJ02921079 Not a Dewey
Garreg Lwyd498.1 SN942733205 Not a Dewey
Bryn Titli495.6 SN930761 c61 Not a Dewey

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