Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010

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Super Furry Animals

Michael Curtis (+15=976)

At Easter in 2008, my wife and I stayed at a B&B in Glen Lyon that we enjoyed very much, so for Easter 2009 we had no hesitation in heading back there again. It ticked all the right boxes; great location, comfortable bedrooms, good food and friendly owners. However, for us there was one more reason that made the place extra special. It's home to Bran, a black Labrador. The owners were happy for us to take him onto the hills, so we had the most enjoyable couple of days on Meall a'Choire Leith and Meall Corranaich in the Ben Lawers group and on the Carn Mairg group. Bran has been exceptionally well trained, and we didn't have to worry about him at all. We could keep him off the lead the whole time. If he did start to wander too far, a call of his name brought him back immediately. There was something very satisfying in having him walking to heel.

In August we had our main holiday; a week in Sutherland and a week on Harris. The only sunny day of the first week was spent on Quinag. That's four times I've done Quinag now, and on each occasion the weather's been perfect.

On Harris I arranged for us to be collected from Scalpay and dropped off in Pairc to do Caiteseal and Ciopeagal Bheag. The pick-up was to be by Ceann Mor, enabling an intriguing through route to be completed. These were my penultimate Hebridean Marilyns, so had been on my radar for quite a few years. It was quite exciting to be dropped off to the south of these hills and to start walking in such a remote spot. We made the most of our time in this wilderness and slowly climbed to the top. Once there, we thanked our lucky stars that we had such a lovely day to enjoy being in such a remote place. I don't normally do this, but before we left I picked up a small piece of rock to keep as a memento. It now sits on my desk as a reminder of what, for me, was a perfect day.

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