Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Less relative hills of Britain:

Humps Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

The Humps Hall of Fame has expanded from 26 members at the end of 2010 to 41 at the end of last year. There were eight new entrants to the Hall in 2011 plus seven who outed themselves during the year, several after buying Mark Jackson's excellent book, 'More Relative Hills of Britain' from The difference between using the e-book and having the real thing in your hands is amazing. A few are approaching the Upper Hall but there were no new members of this exclusive club in 2011. Less than half of those who had bagged 1200 Marilyns at the end of 2010 have confessed to moving on to the Humps. This is possibly because they do not wish to be distracted from completing the Marilyns or, more likely, the thought of working out their numbers is too daunting. A couple are also having trouble persuading their wives that this is not a list too far. We have had a few notable events during the year:

As before, an Excel version of the Humps Hall of Fame will be posted in the Files section of the RHB Yahoo group.

2739 Rob Woodall1498 Jim Bloomer
2592 Ann Bowker1448 Brian Ewing
2501 Rowland Bowker1417 Jim Fothergill
2458 Ken Whyte1401 Campbell Singer
2341 Colin Crawford1394 Lindsay Munro
2330 James Gordon1370 Margaret Parker
2173 Alan Holmes1361 Trevor Littlewood
2150 George Morl1360 Sue Littlewood
1924 Peter Collins1358 Mark Smith
1902 Alan Dawson1342 Richard Speirs
1819 Stewart Logan1325 John Ward
1809 Gordon Adshead1315 Jon Metcalf
1778 Richard Webb1263 Richard Tibbetts
1752 Iain Brown1235 David Purchase
1743 Andy Hyams1233 Neil Sandilands
1694 Bert Barnett1230 Alison Fox
1683 Michael Earnshaw1229 Chris Bienkowski
1670 Phil Cooper1210 Tony Rogers
1609 Martin Richardson1206 Jonathan Woods
1563 Alan Castle1204 Chris Peart
1552 Andrew Tibbetts1202 Chris Watson

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