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Less relative hills of Britain:

Tumps Hall of Fame

Andrew Tibbetts

Tumps are those hills in Britain with at least 30m of prominence and named by the list compiler, Mark Jackson. They are also known by some as P30s and Jacksons, though Mark himself understands the term Jacksons to cover a slightly different hill definition. They include, of course, most other prominence based lists such as Marilyns and Humps. There are over 16,500 Tumps throughout Britain and neighbouring islands; even East Anglia is generously represented. The complete current list of Tumps is in two databases:

Any changes from now on will be incorporated into new versions of the Appendix or the DoBIH. If you have any corrections to make, please contact me.

Though there are some bagging folk that are aiming to complete the full list, many people have expressed interest in using the list for local bagging activities. Indeed, the Tumps can give years of enjoyable bagging even for those in the low lying areas and plenty more for those in or close to the higher lying lands. Certainly the list gives new local bagging possibilities when you thought the local area was exhausted of Marilyns and Humps. The potentially high tick rate is good for bagging motivation too.

Recently the Hall of Fame for the Tumps, the Tump HoF, was established with various entry bands starting at 2000+ with further bands at 3000+, 5000+, 8000+, 13000+. There would seem to be a wall to be hit at some point over 16000 due to the many sea stacks and other hills with accessibility issues. So far no-one has reached that wall due to the newness of the list but that time will come one day in the not too distant future.

The Tump HoF at of the end of 2011 is available on this link:

If you should qualify and wish to be listed in the HoF then please contact me at at any date; there is no need to wait for the year end as the HoF is updated at regular intervals. The required data for the HoF is clear from the HoF listing.

Finally, I have to say a big thank you to Mark for compiling this list, it was a really huge undertaking and has given us a definitive list of all of Britain's wonderful hills.

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