Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012


Paps of Jura
Paps of Jura (photo: Jim Fothergill)

Islay, 8-10 June 2012 by Alan Holmes

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A visit to meet Clem by Myrddyn Phillips

Tips for the Tops

Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2011

The Scottish Wall: Eric Young (+32=1549) by Eric Young

Ultrahoffer: Richard Mclellan (+60=1392) and Denise Mclellan

Less relative hills of Britain

Mission Drift? by Ron Turner

Mission Drift? by Hamish Brown

Tampering update by John Barnard

Beavering update by Alan Dawson

In defence of list ticking by relative height by Jonathan de Ferranti

Ten years of the hills database by Chris Crocker

Last words by Martin Richardson