Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Tump Hall of Fame

Adrian Rayner

Six new members entered the Tump Hall of Fame in 2015 to make 36 in total that are over the 2000 minimum threshold. One Tumper with initials RHW did 1052. This is the first time for a thousand to be surpassed, although five others managed over 500 during the year.

Tumping by counties continues to grow in popularity and seriousness and included two Cumbria completions with its 696 Tumps. A significant event was the identification for the first time of the 352 Tumps within the traditional boundaries of Yorkshire. I believe that this provides a worthy challenge to those born within the county.

Islands continue to be picked off, often getting their first recorded log on Progress was made in both Scotland and in Wales, where access is more limited than north of the border.

The Google group Tump Forum grew in size and the amount of relevant information. One of the new members on joining summarised the postings as a wealth of information, humour and amazing exploits. A good summary of the Tumping world.

Tump Hall of Fame 2015

Rob Woodall 9622 Lindsay Munro 2732
Ken Whyte 6468 Mark Smith 2694
Colin Crawford 5661 Adrian Rayner 2615
Andy Hyams 5195 Bert Barnett 2552
Rowland Bowker 4191 Jim Fothergill 2483
Ann Bowker 4150 Chris Bienkowski 2455
Alan Holmes 4058 David Purchase 2413
Martin Richardson 4020 Campbell Singer 2315
Jim Bloomer 3931 Neil Sandilands 2314
Gordon Adshead 3747 Chris Peart 2283
Alan Dawson 3679 Nigel Thackrah 2279
Iain Brown 3621 Trevor Littlewood 2274
Andrew Tibbetts 3392 Sue Littlewood 2253
Peter Collins 3361 Phil Cooper 2196
Richard Tibbetts 3246 Jonathan Woods 2180
Rick Salter 3071 Robert Poole 2175
Douglas Law 3025 John Ward 2124
Richard Speirs 2883 Chris Watson 2112

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