Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Hump Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

Not a lot happening in the HumpHoF during 2015 with only four new members. Jenny Hatfield, Tom Mundell, Robert Phillips and Dave Stallard. A further four entered the Upper Hall - Jim Bloomer, Andy Hyams, Campbell Singer and Andy Sutton. No reports of any hilltop celebrations for any of these - at least one of them was inadvertent and only spotted after the event. Campbell did go to great lengths to complete 2015 on 2015 Humps - and he seemed such a sensible fellow when I met him for the first time at the Ardfern AGM.

There was a flurry of activity during the year on the England and Wales front with two people getting a full house and a further three getting 'almost' there. Alan Whatley, last year's big Hump bagger (who was rudely overlooked at the AGM by yours truly - I did not know he was there) arranged a climbing leader to get himself and Michael Earnshaw up that awkward Staffs (or is it Cheshire?) pinnacle in July. It was Alan's last Welsh and English Hump and Michael completed them in Wales in November with a group of baggers staying near Maentwrog.

Iain Brown, Colin Crawford and Andy Sutton completed everything but the Old Man of Mow. Iain finished on Ramsey Island and did have a bit of a celebration with a cake baked by his wife, (Don't Tell) Moira.

Hump Hall of Fame 2015

2979 Ken Whyte 1733 Andrew Tibbetts
2888 Colin Crawford 1719 Alan Castle
2874 Rob Woodall 1673 Richard Speirs
2709 Alan Whatley 1643 Chris Peart
2700 Ann Bowker 1631 Jon Metcalf
2514 Michael Earnshaw 1616 Lindsay Munro
2501 Iain Brown 1604 Tony Rogers
2501 Rowland Bowker 1561 Mark Smith
2415 Ursula Stubbings 1558 Robert Poole
2412 James Gordon 1541 Douglas Law
2360 Martin Richardson 1510 Neil Sandilands
2333 Alan Holmes 1488 Rick Salter
2296 George Morl 1475 Trevor Littlewood
2183 Peter Collins 1473 Sue Littlewood
2166 Stewart Logan 1459 Alison Fox
2116 Jim Bloomer 1435 Charlie Scott
2078 Alan Dawson 1408 Jenny Hatfield
2032 Andy Hyams 1406 John Ward
2015 Campbell Singer 1364 Peter Malone
2000 Andy Sutton 1354 Jonathan Woods
1963 Gordon Adshead 1354 Chris Watson
1914 Richard Tibbetts 1353 John Owen
1881 Eddie Dealtry 1345 Chris Bienkowski
1879 Martin Collins 1324 Gordon Coventry
1868 Richard Webb 1324 Adrienne Coventry
1841 Phil Cooper 1309 Dave Tyson
1805 Jim Fothergill 1258 David Purchase
1803 Brian Ewing 1247 Tom Mundell
1776 Gary Jones 1222 Robert Phillips
1743 Bert Barnett 1201 David Stallard
1743 Margaret Parker    

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