Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Meet some new members:

David Baird (600)

My interest in Marilyns began... when I discovered them on the Statistical Topics in Hillwalking website which I visited because I wanted a list of Munros. Thought the idea of relative hills was a good one especially in view of the existence of 'trivial' Munros like Broad Cairn. Also the much wider distribution of Marilyns meant visiting many interesting places.

My favourite Marilyns are... most of them as they are lovely hills with good memories. Ones I remember especially are Beinn Alligin, Suilven, Foinaven, Culter Fell, Great Gable, Ingleborough, Tryfan and Cadair Idris. Some have geographical attractions, e.g. the highest point of Charnwood Forest, or are beautifully prominent like Worcestershire Beacon.

My least favourite Marilyns are... ones which involve trespassing, and tops covered with woodland which are often uncomfortable and have no view.

Do I keep Marilyn bagging a secret? No. Some people probably wish I did.

I... have a wide interest in science and technology. Very concerned about population and climate change (I'm quite fond of wind farms). Enthusiastic but unaccomplished choral singer.

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