Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012


The new editor's editorial

Martin Richardson

Dun Caan
Dun Caan (photo: Douglas Law)

Well, here it is my first effort as the new editor of the magazine. Hope you like all the radical changes in layout, fonts and use of graphics. However, there is no way that I can claim that it is all my own work - Chris Watson as the sub-editor and Jon Metcalf as the keeper of the HoF list played a more than substantial part in its creation. And, of course, Alan Dawson was there to give support and advice. And finally thanks to everyone for their baglogs and other contributions. Judging by the content of the baglogs many of us have continued to move on from just talking about Marilyns. If this trend continues it might mean that eventually the name of the magazine will need to be changed.

Broken records technique

Liz and Peter Hastie, with a bag of 163 each, managed to produce the highest annual bag for a couple, ever. Indeed they produced the highest bag of the year, if you discount Michael Earnshaw's 230 (for him not a lot, he blames last year's weather).

Greetings, top pickers, Alan Whatley entered the chart straight in at number 28 with a bag total of 1362. Not 'arf.

A new entrant, Sarah Mundell at the age of 20, is the youngest woman (and the second youngest person) ever to reach the required 600, a remarkable feat. As all readers will know, you don't get to that number by accident.

Nine people managed 120 or more. The largest totals for new entrants to the Hall were 151 for Alan Palin, 131 for John Henderson, 116 for Rick Salter, 115 Jenny Hatfield.

New members

Twenty-four new members joined the Hall of Fame during 2011, with one more so far in 2012. One change we have introduced this year was to send a questionnaire out to the new entrants. See the results inside.

Annual meet 2011

We met in Portree, lots was eaten and drunk. Alan Dawson raised £225 to fund future editions of this magazine by auctioning his unwanted junk, sorry I mean his valuable books and maps. Alan Holmes did a splendid job organising (and I mean organising) a comprehensive and highly co-ordinated set of boat trips all round the Skye coastline.

Tamperers hit by the recession

There were no changes to the total of Marilyns in 2011. However, the Tamperer now has an apprentice, Maya, so we can expect to see more tampering in Scotland in future.


This is the 14th edition of Marhofn, the magazine for Marilyn baggers. Marhofn 255 was edited by Martin Richardson, with significant statistical and editorial assistance from Jon Metcalf and Chris Watson, proofreading and final layout by Alan Dawson. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to members of the Marilyn Hall of Fame and anyone else interested. The next Marhofn will appear in May 2013 all being well. Articles, baglogs, letters, numbers and pictures should be submitted by 31 January.

Marhofn funds are relatively healthy this year after the fund-raising auction (half the proceeds went to Assynt mountain rescue team) and flurry of donations last year, when there was just £2 left in the pot. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted. Printing costs have stayed the same this year as there are fewer pages, and there is already enough in the bank to pay for printing next year's magazine. However, with 25 new members and the cost of second-class post increasing by 40%, further contributions, by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque (payable to Marhofn), will be very much appreciated.

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