Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglogs: Lower Tiers:

Baglog: Chris (691) and Ian (627) Watson

Following our joint entry into the Hall in 2007, I was far busier than Ian on the hills and I expected this to continue, since I had retired. Initially this was the case, and by the time of the Builth Wells meeting I had increased my lead substantially. A few visits to Scotland had yielded ten Munros plus a good crop of assorted others, and a couple of trips to Wales increased my Welsh total to almost 130. Meanwhile, Ian had only done a few English Marilyns. However, after a railway trip to Switzerland to celebrate my wife's 60th birthday, I was invited to do a working stint in Dubai for a few months. So, after a wet fortnight in Ireland, where I climbed one Marilyn, I was off to sunnier climes. I did find a 1000m drive-up on a foray into the desert, but that was the limit of my peak bagging for a few months.

While I was away, Ian continued to pick off his outstanding English hills, and on my return at the end of September he asked me if I would accompany him on a trip to Cornwall to complete the English Marilyns. He had, fortunately, not been caught out by either the Cracoe Fell or Botley Hill revisions, so mid-November found us doing a long journey to bag Carnmenellis and Watch Croft, the latter being his final English relative hill. He has now completed England, Wales and the Isle of Man, so just has the small matter of 928 Scottish Marilyns to knock off. Since my return I managed a couple of Scottish trips and bagged a couple more Munros, but I just failed to reach 700 or even 50 for the year, which was a bit disappointing. Still, I am hoping for a full year's bagging in 2009 whilst Ian, who is expecting his second child in early February, is unlikely to do a lot.

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