Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009


Boreray summit party (photo: Colin Crawford)

Strontian, June 2009 by Jonathan Woods

Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2008

New Hall of Fame Members

New Upper Hall Members

The dash to 600 by Alan Brook

Avoiding the touch (on the shoulder) by Graham Illing

Teenage kicks by Rachael Metcalf

Keen young ticks by Jamie Everett-Hogg

The Hills Database by Chris Crocker

Baglogs: Upper Hall

Baglogs: Central Chamber

Baglogs: Lower Tiers

Baglogs: New members

Baglogs: Corridor of Obscurity

Baglogs: Cellar Field

Excuse Annexe

Coordinated action by Trevor and Sue Littlewood

Dreams and disasters by Audrey Litterick

Alone again or... by Colin Crawford

Hill surveying part 1: theory by Graham Jackson

Hill surveying part 2: practice by John Barnard

Summary of Marilyn updates since April 2006 by Alan Dawson

Tips for the Tops

Hall of Shame

Island records by Tove Illing

Time has told me by Rowland Bowker

Leaves five left by Richard Wood

The report of the motion king by Rob Woodall

Strangely strange yet oddly normal by Donald Irvine

Rainbow chaser by Tony Payne

Eric and the electric fish licence by Eric Young

Marilyn poll results

Poll Opinions

Dungavel Centre by Thomas Murray

Joy of a Toy by David Hughes

Marhofn competition results

St Kilda, April 2009 by Rob Woodall

St Kilda, April 2009 by Colin Crawford

Northern sky by Joy McLinden and Pam Swales