Marhofn 153.08 - May 2006

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Baglog: Rob Woodall (+2=1549)

The only British hill list activity in 2005 was on a long Easter weekend in the Highlands. A 19-day trip to Ireland in April and May dealt with the completion of unfinished lists:

In May I headed for Corsica for my first ever long-distance path; an eight-day lightweight backpack along the GR20, the record for which is an astonishing 38 hours. The route was decidedly rough and rocky, but short diversions took in some superb summits. Being early in the season we found things quiet, with a fair bit of snow about, and the odd refuge was still closed. After finishing, me with bruised feet and Chris with trashed shoes, we did a four-day bus and train tour of the island, adding a final peak on the way back.

The home ground focus this year seems to have been trig pillars, the third year when a thousand trigs were visited, but the remaining ones are now a bit far from home. I am having to resort to desperate measures such as revisiting hills to keep the list moving. Post trig season I escaped with a mate to South Africa for some wildlife watching, with the only hill summited being Table Mountain, bagged by cable car (ssshhh!).

British hill list progress has been desultory: 14 Corbett Tops, one Graham Top, seven 500m tops, 54 400m tops and 23 Yeamans. I did however complete the English Clem Yeamans (again) on Cold Overton Hill, which I recently discovered; only 44m drop but qualifying by distance. The only completion party attendees were a few cattle, who seemed somewhat underwhelmed by the occasion.

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