Submarilyns are hills in Britain of any height that have at least 140 metres drop on all sides but less than 150 metres, and so are within ten metres of qualifying as Marilyns. Submarilynists are people who have climbed all hills that were classed as Submarilyns at the time they finished the list.

Current number of Submarilyns: 205
Current number of known Submarilynists: 5
Last updated: 10 Jun 2016

Name Home Final Submarilyn Date
Ann Bowker Portinscale Garwall Hill 15 Aug 2009
Rowland Bowker Portinscale Garwall Hill 15 Aug 2009
Rob Woodall Peterborough Hill of Clibberswick 1 Jun 2013
Alan Whatley Mickleover Mow Cop 1 Jul 2015
Ken Whyte Fort William Ragleth Hill 15 Oct 2015