Substantial extracts from The Relative Hills of Britain by Alan Dawson are available online. Printed copies can be obtained from Cicerone Press. Copies of More Relative Hills of Britain by Mark Jackson are available from


A full digital archive of all the updates to The Relative Hills of Britain is available, from 1995 to 2016.


Paper copies of two TACit Tables are still available: Corbett Tops and Corbetteers and Graham Tops and Grahamists. Tables covering Hewitts and Murdos are out of date and out of print but archive digital copies are available. Tables of relative hills in several European countries are available from Europeaklist.


A complete digital archive of Marhofn magazine is available. Paper copies of most issues from 2003 onwards are available on request.


Several articles are available about relative hills and bagging, from back issues of Marhofn magazine and other sources.