Conachair summit
Happy baggers on top of Conachair (photo: Brent Lynam) 

People and community


Absent friends: remembering Hall of Fame members no longer with us

Mailing lists

The main way for Marilyn (and Hump) baggers to keep in touch and keep up to date is via the Pedantic Publications group and mailing list. Active baggers are encouraged to sign up. Any message sent to will go to all members of the group. To contact the administrator, the relevant address is The Tump Forum and mailing list is for those interested in Tumps. The address for the administrator is

Social media

The Facebook group perceptively called The Relative Hills of Britain is the one to join. This is run by Rick Salter who is one of more active baggers. Twitter probably has its merits but to be honest we can't be bothered with it.

Halls of Fame

The first list of people who had climbed over 600 Marilyns was published in April 1996. A year later the term Marilyn Hall of Fame was introduced and membership had increased from six to ten. Requests to join should now be sent to The Hump Hall of Fame followed in 2010, for those with over 1200 Humps in their bag. These were inexorably followed by the Simm Hall of Fame and the Tump Hall of Fame, both with an entry level of 2000.