Marilyn timeline

Alan Dawson

March 2022

A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides. The Marilyns in Britain and the Isle of Man were first listed in the book The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) by Alan Dawson, published by Cicerone Press in April 1992. At that time there were 1542 Marilyns, which had increased to 1556 by the end of 2021. Details of subsequent changes have been published in a series of update sheets from 1995 to 2014. A summary of the changes since 1992 are set out below.

Year Marilyns Promoted Demoted Notes
1992 1542     First publication of the list of Marilyns.
1995 1551 Cruim Leacainn (4A)
The Bochel (8)
Giur-bheinn (20B)
Beinn Bhragair (24A)
Sell Moor Hill (28A)
Mynydd Rhyd ddu (30C)
Craig y Castell (30F)
Disgwylfa Fawr (31A)
Cefn Cenarth (31B)
Carn Gafallt (31C)
Mynydd Dinas (32C)
Swinside (34B)
Lovely Seat (35A)
Aconbury Hill (38B)
Cheriton Hill (42)
Sgorr Tuath (16F)
Cruach Bhuidhe (19C)
Cunnigill Hill (22)
Hedgehope Hill (33)
Cushat Law (33)
Scafell (34B)
First RHB updates, in May 1995 and November 1995.
Fifteen new Marilyns are discovered.
Six hills are removed the list of Marilyns.
1996 1549   Harter Fell (34C)
Baystones (34C)
The first list of Submarilyns
is compiled and distributed.
1997 1551 Abberley Hill (38B)
Milk Hill (39)
1999 1551 Swyre Head (41)
Nine Barrow Down (41)
Abberley Hill (38B)
Milk Hill (39)
2001 1552 Baystones (34C)    
2005 1554 Meall Chomraidh (2A)
Arnside Knott (34D)
2008 1555 Sail Chalmadale (20C)   First Marilyn change arising from a survey
using differential GPS equipment by GJ Surveys.
2009 1556 Creag na Criche (1A)
Mynydd y Cwm (30C)
Raw Head (36)  
2010 1554   Baystones (34C)
Lovely Seat (35B)
2013 1557 Killyleoch Hill (27C)
Lamberton Hill (28A)
Mynydd Anelog (30A)
  First Marilyn changes arising from surveys
using differential GPS equipment by Alan Dawson.
2014 1556 Creag an Amalaidh (16D) Cruim Leacainn (4A)
Troweir Hill (27B)
2015 1556 Sithean Mor (13A)
Kirriereoch Hill (27B)
Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn (19C)
Swyre Head (41)
2018 1557 Beinn Dearg (16A)    
2021 1556 Rhinog Fach (30D) Cheriton Hill (42)
Giur-bheinn (20B)
Cheriton Hill and Giur-bheinn were not in the book but were added to the list in 1995.