Marhofn 58.03 - May 2001

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Ethical Bagging

Carl Willits

I have imposed on myself a rule to the effect that an ascent is proportionately related to the difference between 500ft and the actual vertical height covered. For a 0ft ascent I've set an (admittedly arbitrary) upper limit of 3.5 miles. So one gets this table:

Vertical Height (feet) Minimum Walking Distance (miles)

The values are worked out from MWD = (1-VH/500)3.5 miles. Only a few summits, at least in the northern parts of Britain, need such an application, but it seems to me hardly a 'climb' if it involves both very little vertical height and horizontal traverse. Anyhow, I won't be stopping the car for just three minutes at Bishop Wilton Wold.

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