Simm update

Alan Dawson

February 2020

A Simm is a six-hundred metre summit in Britain with a drop of 30 metres all round. The name was changed from Sim to Simm in December 2015. At the end of 2019 there were 2531 Simms.

Simms were introduced as a hill category in 2010, to incorporate and rationalise an unwieldy assortment of several categories, including Murdos, Corbett Tops (CTs), Graham Tops (GTs), SubGTs, Welsh Hewitts, English Hewitts and Subhewitts. These hill listings were published in a series of five TACit Tables published by TACit Press from 1995 to 2004. This update summarises the changes to these TACit Tables since publication:

TACit Table Year Total then Total at end 2019
The Murdos1995444442
Corbetts Tops and Corbetteers1999668675
Graham Tops and Grahamists20049991001
600-609.6m in Scotland20047473
The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales1997137136
600-609.6m in Wales19971514
The Hewitts and Marilyns of England1997178179
600-609.6m in England19971413
Total Simms  25272531

Windy Gyle and The Schil are on the Scotland / England border and are counted only once in the overall total.


The following Simms have been discovered since 2004. Height and drop are given to the nearest 0.1m if they are derived from accurate hill surveys.

Number Section Height Name Map Drop Grid Ref
564501A648.3 Sron Mhor5132.4 NN642272
572101C834.8 Creag na h-Iolaire5630.2 NN427153
572901C710.5 Stob Glas50,5630.9 NN365200
573801C661.7 Meall an Lochain5130.3 NN511237
574501C619.2 Creag na h-Iolaire5131.7 NN561257
578701D751.9 Ben Vane Far North Top50,5631.0 NN274110
581202A756.6 Meallanan Odhar5130.8 NN679531
581902A650.9 Meall nam Maigheach North Top5130.4 NN561510
15502B951.4 Beinn nan Eachan East Top5130.1 NN574383
584302B892.5 Cam-Chreag5131.3 NN524398
366403A906.2 Aonach Eagach East Top4133.1 NN155582
587403B734.2 Sgorr Dhonuill Far West Top4130.9 NN024565
598206A792.1 Carn Dearg35,4333.1 NN812904
598506A756.5 An Sgarsoch Far East Top4336.0 NN961851
600606B817.6 Carn Bhac South Top4330.5 NO042809
605407A864.6 Carn Ait4332.0 NO142734
615408A783.0 Carn Ban Mor West Top3630.8 NN875979
616908B721.4 Little Garvoun3631.4 NJ132090
620309A602.6 Cnapan a' Choire Odhair Mhoir3636 NH904299
623309B875.8 Carn na Criche3533.1 NH576008
626409B650.2 Sith Mor3530.9 NH714172
426710A633.4 Beinn Aoidhdailean3333.3 NG886140
427010A614.1 Sgurr Mor Near West Top3331.4 NG875079
637510B876.4 Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe East Top3331.7 NG900012
638110B801.3 Meall Coire na Gaoithe an Ear3330.6 NM867997
89112A1005.2 Creag Toll a 'Choin25402 NH130453
101614A960.4 Glas Mheall Liath1932.4 NH077841
685517B829.7 Caisteal a' Garbh-choire3231.7 NG454202
1919918A829.3 Druim Fiaclach East Top4030.9 NM799790
696219C645.4 Cruach Fhiarach5631.4 NN256029
699920C653.2 Meall Donn6930.4 NR906450
207830D614.4 Foel Penolau12431.9 SH661348
1941330E667.5 Foel Cedig125180 SH981283
252234C862.9 Striding Edge9031.2 NY350149

Sgurr Mor Far West Top (10A) was added in 2012 but removed after a survey in 2015. Carn Leac East Top (9B) was added in 2004 but removed after a survey in 2019.


The following hills listed in TACit Tables have less than 30m drop or are under 600m high and are not Simms.

Number Section Height Name Map Drop Grid Ref
565501A598.2 Creag Liath5229.5 NN913334
393001B753.6 Leacann Amarach5729.2 NN615164
396101C707.0 Meall Sgallachd5128.8 NN553259
298402B808.4 Meall Eoghainn5129.8 NN468323
298903A866.3 Stob Dubh4128.2 NN151588
19303B1106.9 Stob Coire nam Beith4128.1 NN138546
24603C995.5 Stob a' Ghlais Choire4125.8 NN239516
402903C746.8 Creag Dhubh4128.8 NN258520
406006A753.5 An Sgarsoch East Top (superseded)4327.9 NN953847
409006B706.7 Meall na h-Eilrig4328.9 NN975716
309007A871.9 Crow Craigies South Top4428.6 NO229790
611907B604.9 Craigangower4426.4 NO539753
63009B909.9 Meall a' Bhothain3529.6 NH663056
313209B854.9 Sron a' Bhuirich3428.0 NN423978
425209B612.0 An Torr3529.8 NN686983
317609C888.0 Carn Dearg34,4229.8 NN410893
89012A1004.9 Maoile Lunndaidh (superseded)2510.5 NH135458
436612B713 Sgorr na Diollaid Far West Top (point 713m)2528 NH264359
94712B598.7 Meallan Odhar Doire nan Gillean25177 NH156377
326715A883.8 Beinn Dearg North Top2029.2 NH266819
366015B688.8 Sidhean a' Choin Bhain2129.7 NH600803
446616B715.1 Carn an Tionail1029.6 NC575476
113616B599.7 Meallan Liath9147.3 NC514503
125717B926.6 Blabheinn South Top3228.1 NG528215
450818A677.4 Sgurr Dhomhuill Beag4029.3 NM743756
453519C643.4 Beinn Lochain East Top5626.2 NN164003
199130B793.7 Bera Mawr11529.7 SH674682
210530E666.2 Cyrniau Nod (superseded)1258 SH988279
214330F683.7 Gau Graig12425.4 SH743141
224032A716.7 Fan y Big16028.5 SO036206
253134C794.0 Green Side9028.8 NY352187

Suie Dhu (11A) was demoted in 2013 but reinstated after a survey in 2014. Carn Chomh-Stri (7A) may have less than 30m drop, but remains a Simm pending a resurvey to confirm the result.

Summit changes

There have been several summit relocations where the highest point has been changed to a nearby grid reference on the same hill. Selected new heights and grid references are shown below.

Number Section Height Name Map Drop Grid Ref
392401A620.3 Meall nam Fiadh (was Creag Odhar)5167.7 NN691272
392501A618.6 Meall nam Fiadh Far East Top51,5246.1 NN707272
394901B617.9 Sron na Maoile5736.5 NN690177
398301D629.9 Beinn Bhreac50,5692.8 NN202216
399402A736.5 Creag an Loch5295.7 NN823544
304106A887.0 Elrig 'ic an Toisich4334.2 NN865788
424909B633.2 Carn Glac an Eich26,3581.8 NH694267
74410B897.5 Sgurr nan Eugallt33612 NG927048
427610B740 Meall a' Choire Dhuibh33,40101 NM917979
99413B667.8 Carn Breac25392 NH046531
99613B626.8 Beinn na Feusaige25227.9 NH090542
455021A718.4 The Socach3787 NJ279145
175427C664.4 Scaw'd Law7857.5 NS922037
183628B800.8 Lochcraig Head79108 NT166177
185228B729.9 Swatte Fell7836.3 NT118113
214530F678.5 Maesglase124,125318 SH817150
560332A802.6 Fan Brycheiniog160424 SN824220
279335B628.0 Gragareth9832.8 SD687793

The summit of The Saddle was moved to the rock next to the trig pillar in 2013 but moved back to its original correct location following a survey in 2014. The summit of An Dun was moved back to its original location (the south summit) following a GNSS survey in 2016 that supported the result of a 2009 survey, although the difference was only 1-3cm.

Name changes

Numerous Simms have been renamed since the publication of TACit Tables. Selected changes are shown below.

Number Section Height Name Map Grid Ref Drop
393701B708.3 Creag na h-Eararuidh (was Stuc na Cabaig)57 NN685190353
292501C941.4 Beinn a' Chroin (was Beinn a' Chroin West Top)50,56 NN387185137.1
3601C940.1 Beinn a' Chroin East Top (was Beinn a 'Chroin)50,56 NN39318563.1
297302A796.5 Creag a' Chaorainn (was Meall Phubuill)51 NN44243890.4
309607A845.5 Craig Damff (was Cairn Damff)44 NO24777733.6
107715A666.3 Beinn Bhreac (was Meall Dubh)20 NH225886158.8
442815A646 Meall Dubh (was Meall Dubh North Top)20 NH21490054
129417D702 Trollabhal (was Trallval)39 NM377952190
212630E607.8 Y Garn (was Glan-hafon)125 SJ08027284
212830E600.8 Cefn Perfedd (was Moel yr Henfaes East Top)125 SJ09937332.3
214930F661 Craig-las (was Tyrrau Mawr)124 SH677135103
216431A684 Drum Peithnant (was Y Garn)135 SN77585156
277035A609.6 Thack Moor (was Renwick Fell)86 NY61146258

Significant height changes

There have been changes to the height of numerous Simms since the TACit Tables were published. Current details are available in the Database of British and Irish Hills and via the website. Some notable height or drop changes are shown below.

Section Old New Name Map Grid Ref Drop
1B705708.3 Creag na h-Eararuidh57 NN685190353
1B706706.6 Beinn Dearg57 NN69619773.4
1D870852.4 Stac a' Chuirn50,56 NN19018034.9
2B11181123.1 Meall Garbh51 NN644437198
2B11181117.1 An Stuc51 NN638431126
2B916914.3 Creag na Caillich51 NN56237769.3
3C10091024.3 Drochaid Ghlas50 NN08330790.5
5B914914.6 Carn na Caim South Top42 NN66380630.4
7A611609.1 Corwharn44 NO288651152
8B862863.0 Creag an Dail Bheag36,43 NO157981211
8B862861.5 Carn Liath36,43 NO16497633.2
10A885885.5 Buidhe Bheinn33 NG963090160
10A885885.2 Sgurr a' Bhac Chaolais33 NG958110121
12A915913.4 Sgurr nan Ceannaichean25 NH087480185
13B762761 A' Chioch24 NG81044638
14A916914.1 Beinn a' Chlaidheimh19 NH061775268
17B912914.3 Knight's Peak32 NG47125441.7
17B898900.1 Sgurr a' Bhasteir32 NG46425730.1
17C610609.0 Ben Aslak33 NG750191329
19C761763.5 Cnoc Coinnich56 NN233007273.5
19C658658.3 Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn56 NN168025149.4
21A610609.1 Ladylea Hill37 NJ343168200.9
27B786786.8 Kirriereoch Hill77 NX420869150.2
27C608611.5 Dugland77 NS60200945.9
30B9991000.8 Glyder Fawr115 SH642579642
30B609609.8 Mynydd Graig Goch115,123 SH49748571
30E620630.1 Pen yr Allt Uchaf124,125 SH87119670
35A609609.6 Thack Moor86 NY61146258
35B609610.4 Birks Fell98 SD918763158

Lowest Simms

These Simms are less than 601m high.

Section Height Name Map Grid Ref Drop
09B600.4 Beinn Bhreac35 NH75727633.4
17E600.8 Cruachan Beag47,48 NM57833834.4
27C600.5 Hare Hill71,77 NS65409774
30B600.2 Foel Lwyd115 SH72072351
30E600.8 Cefn Perfedd125 SJ09937332.3
30E600.4 Y Gribin124,125 SH84317734.1
32C600 Craig y Llyn170 SN906031392
34D600 Black Combe96 SD135854362


A Subsimm is a hill at least 600m high with a drop all round of 20-29.9m. There are currently 682 Subsimms. Over half of these have been surveyed to show that they have less than 30m drop. There are still several unsurveyed hills with a drop of 28m-32m, so there will be further changes to the Simms and Subsimms in future.

Simm Hall of Fame

Membership of the Simm Hall of Fame is open to anyone who has climbed over 2000 Simms. By the end of 2019 there were fourteen members. A further 24 people have reported climbing over 1500 Simms and have therefore entered the Corridor that leads to the Simm Hall of Fame. Anyone eligible to join the Hall or Corridor should contact the author via email to


Thanks are due to Myrddyn Phillips for surveys of Foel Penolau, Foel Cedig, Cyrniau Nod, Bera Mawr, Fan y Big and other Simms or Subsimms, and to GJ Surveys for their survey of Gau Graig. All other surveys leading to changes in Simm status have been carried out by Alan Dawson. Thanks also to Jim Bloomer, Chris Crocker and Mark Jackson, who have helped to discover potential new Simms or new summits for existing Simms by studying OS maps or Lidar data.