Update to The Relative Hills of Britain

January 2016

Alan Dawson

This update summarises the most important changes to The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) since the book was published in April 1992. Changes since the beginning of 2014 are highlighted and linked.


Thanks are due to G&J Surveys (John Barnard, Graham Jackson and Myrddyn Phillips) for several accurate survey results, in addition to those carried out by the author using similar GPS equipment. Measurements obtained from hill surveys are quoted to the nearest 0.1m. Thanks also to others who have helped find new Marilyns or new summits for existing Marilyns, notably Jim Bloomer, Clem Clements, Chris Crocker, Jonathan de Ferranti, Dave Hewitt, John Owen, Tony Payne, David R Smith and Rob Woodall.

Changes since 2014

Five new Marilyns have been discovered since early 2014:

Creag an Amalaidh
Creag na h-Eararuidh
Creag Toll a'Choin
Kirriereoch Hill
Sithean Mor

Creag na h-Eararuidh replaces Beinn Dearg (Glen Artney) and Creag Toll a'Choin replaces Maoile Lunndaidh.

Three Marilyns have been demoted:

Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn
Swyre Head
Troweir Hill

The current number of Marilyns is therefore 1556 . New summits have been doscovered for Beinn an Lochain and Na Maoilean. Details below.


The 25 new Marilyns discovered since 1992 are listed below. Arnside Knott is now the smallest English Marilyn and Cheriton Hill the easternmost Marilyn. The drop column refers to the difference in metres between the summit and the col connecting the hill to a higher Marilyn (c means the drop is estimated).

Section Metres Name Map Grid Ref Drop
1A456.8 Creag na Criche52,53 NN986350150.8
2A466.2 Meall Chomraidh42,51 NN483556150.9
13A382.9 Sithean Mor19 NG836740150.8
16D260.9 Creag an Amalaidh21 NH758975154
20A479.7 Sail Chalmadale (Arran)62,69 NR914401150.5
20B318 Giur-bheinn (Islay)60,61 NR379728c 150
21A491.2 The Bochel36 NJ232232154.9
24A261.6 Beinn Bhragair (Lewis)8 NB266432150.9
27B786.8 Kirriereoch Hill77 NX420869150.2
27C239.7 Killyleoch Hill78 NX878820151.6
28A423.8 Sell Moor Hill73 NT480444152.4
28A217.0 Lamberton Hill67, 74, 75 NT944586150.5
30A191.4 Mynydd Anelog123 SH151272151.0
30C389 Mynydd Rhyd ddu116 SJ054477165
30C304.9 Mynydd y Cwm116 SJ073767150.0
30F321 Craig y Castell124 SH698162153
31A507 Disgwylfa Fawr135 SN737847c 152
31B460 Cefn Cenarth136,147 SN969762155
31C466 Carn Gafallt147 SN940646157
32C258.1 Mynydd Dinas170 SS761915152.5
34B244 Swinside89,90 NY243224152
34D159.1 Arnside Knott97 SD456774 150.8
38B276 Aconbury Hill149 SO505330157
41199 Nine Barrow Down195 SZ008811c 152
42188 Cheriton Hill179,189 TR197396150


The following eleven hills listed in RHB have less than 150m drop all round and are no longer Marilyns.

16F587.5 Sgorr Tuath15 NC110075149.0
19C658.3 Stob na Boine Druim-fhinn56 NN168025149.4
19C568 Cruach Bhuidhe56 NS125947149
22176 Cunnigill Hill2,3 HU432675127
27B295.6 Troweir Hill76 NX211960149.3
33714 Hedgehope Hill80 NT943198148
33615 Cushat Law80 NT928137147
34B964 Scafell89,90 NY206064133
34C778.9 Harter Fell90 NY459093149.2
34C486.9 Baystones90 NY403052147.7
36227.1 Raw Head117 SJ509548148.4

Baystones is listed in RHB but was demoted in 1995, reinstated in 2002 and finally demoted again in 2010. Five hills not in RHB have been promoted to Marilyns in the past but subsequently demoted:

4A231.1 Cruim Leacainn34,41 NN166807149.4
35A674.7 Lovely Seat98 SD879950149.1
38B285 Abberley Hill138,150 SO751672c 147
39294.3 Milk Hill173 SU104643c 148
41206.6 Swyre Head195 SY934784148.1

Hill changes

Nine hills listed in RHB have been superseded by a nearby summit:

1B708.3 Creag na h-Eararuidh replaces57 NN685189353
1B706.6 Beinn Dearg57 NN69619773.4
8863.0 Creag an Dail Bheag replaces36,43 NO157981211
8861.5 Carn Liath36,43 NO16497633.1
10A885.5 Buidhe Bheinn replaces33 NG963090c 160
10A885.2 Sgurr a'Bhac Chaolais33 NG958110121
12A1005.2 Creag Toll 'Choin replaces25 NH130453403
12A1004.85 Maoile Lunndaidh25 NH13545810.5
19C519 Coraddie replaces63 NS050778371
19C507 Beinn Bhreac63 NS05376346
28A567 East Cairn Hill replaces65,72 NT128593169
28A562 West Cairn Hill65,72 NT107584c 130
35B507.8 Cracoe Fell replaces103 SD993588c 310
35B506 Thorpe Fell Top104 SE008597c 28
38B255 Hegdon Hill replaces149 SO585539c 157
38B254 Grendon Green149 SO598573c 39
41279 Lewesdon Hill replaces193 ST437012185
41277 Pilsdon Pen193 ST413011c 83

Birks Fell (35B) was replaced by Horse Head Moor for several years but was reinstated in 2006.

Summit changes

There have been several summit relocations where the highest point has been changed to a nearby grid reference on the same hill. New heights and grid references are shown below.

1D744.0 Meall nan Gabhar50 NN235240265
3B352.6 Na Maoilean49 NM975372193
10B898 Sgurr nan Eugallt33 NG927048c 624
13B627 Beinn na Feusaige25 NH090542c 225
15A464 Breac-Bheinn20 NH498950159
15B205 Hill of Nigg21 NH820705c 193
17B495 Sgurr na Stri (Skye)32 NG500192c 226
17C281.2 Sgurr nan Caorach (Skye)32 NG593030c 216
17E378.6 Beinn Chreagach (Mull)48 NM519217c 194
19A360 Dun Leacainn55 NN033016272
19C901.7 Beinn an Lochain56 NN218078640
20A304 Cruach na Seilcheig (Jura)55,61 NR678984c 179
24A406 Guaineamol13,14 NB260133c 168
27C569 Hods Hill78 NT000099173
30F676 Maesglase124,125 SH817150 c 315
31B442 Rhiw Gwraidd147 SO016634c 214
32A802.6 Fan Brycheiniog160 SN824220c 423
32A384 Bryn Arw161 SO301206c 156
33266 Housedon Hill74,75 NT902327c 182
34D339.6 Lambrigg Fell97 SD587942158.6
35A554.6 Hoove92 NZ001069c 179
38A335 Callow Hill137,138 SO460850c 154
38B272 Seager Hill149 SO613389c 167
42269.6 Botley Hill187 TQ387552c 209
42242 Crowborough188 TQ510306c 159
42240 Chanctonbury Ring (was Chanctonbury Hill)198 TQ139120217

Meall an Tarsaid (9B) has reverted to NH490132 as listed in RHB, now shown as 493m on OS large-scale mapping.


The following hills listed in RHB have been confirmed as Marilyns following surveys:

1A637.4 Creag Gharbh51 NN632327150.8
2B925.5 Meall a'Choire Leith51 NN612438150.5
7A553.9 Crock44 NO226632154.3
7B378.5 Cairn-mon-earn38.45 NO782919151.7
10A645.8 Biod an Fhithich33 NG950147154.1
16B688.9 Beinn Direach16 NC406380152.1
16C401.1 Cnoc na Maoile17 ND007212152.5
17E338.5 Maol Ban49 NM683238152.1
18B635.3 Glas Bheinn40 NM939757151.4
21B380.8 Hill of Tillymorgan29 NJ652348153.2
26228.8 Cairnie Hill59 NO279154150.3
31A484.9 Garreg-hir136 SN998979150.7
34C736.8 Seat Sandal90 NY344115151.9

Rival summits

Surveys have separated the following pairs of hills and confirmed that the hill listed in RHB is higher than its rival:

Section Higher Lower Map Grid Ref Diff
1A 403.8 Birnam Hill 403.2 Craig Obney52 NO0324010.6
1B 644.2 Sgiath a'Chaise 642.7 Sgiath a'Chaise North Top57 NN5831761.5
1C 1045.9 Cruach Ardrain 1044.9 Cruach Ardrain West Top56 NN4082111.0
1C 808.5 Creag Mac Ranaich 808.4 Creag Mac Ranaich South Top51 NN5452550.14
2B 1123.0 Meall Garbh1117.0 An Stuc51 NN6444366.0
7A 609.1 Corwharn 607.2 Eskielawn44 NO2886511.9
12A 673.3 Carn na Coinnich 670.1 Meall nan Damh26 NH3245103.2
17E 704.9 Corra Bheinn 704.0 Cruachan Dearg48 NM5733210.9
19C 602.12 Sgorach Mor 602.08 Creag a'Chanuill56 NS0968490.04
26B 665.6 Uamh Bheag 663.4 Uamh Bheag East Top 57 NN6911182.2
35A 708.3 Wild Boar Fell 706.8 Wild Boar Fell East Top98 SD7589881.5

The trig point on Brandy Hill (31C) is recorded as 206m, so it is no longer twinned with 205m Middleton Hill.

Name changes

The Marilyns listed below have been officially renamed. The names of Shee of Ardtalnaig and Beinn a'Chlachain were agreed in consultation with Fiona Torbet. New names for the Corbetts were agreed in consultation with the Scottish Mountaineering Club.

1A759 Shee of Ardtalnaig (was Ciste Buide a'Claidheimh)51,52 NN729351c 224
1C771 Beinn Stacach (was Ceann na Baintighearna)57 NN474163363
1D817 Stob Coire Creagach (was Binnein an Fhidhleir)50,56 NN230109504
4B868 Meall na Meoig (was Beinn Pharlagain)42 NN448642191
6A875 A'Chaoirnich (was Creag an Loch)42 NN735807213
13B626 Beinn a'Chlachain (was Meall an Doireachean)24 NG724490c 373
15A667 Beinn Bhreac (was Meall Dubh)20 NH225886158
30A178 Mynydd Bodafon (was Yr Arwydd)114 SH472854178
30E671 Esgeiriau Gwynion (was Foel Rhudd)124,125 SH889236c 166
31C594 Llan Ddu Fawr (was Waun Claerddu)135,147 SN790704c 168
32A423 Graig Syfyrddin (was Edmund's Tump)161 SO403210235
33315 Ros Castle (was Ros Hill)75 NU081253222
34B352 Dent (was Long Barrow)89 NY041129c 175
34D334 Kirkby Moor (was Lowick High Common)96 SD259839230
35B402 Rombald's Moor (was Ilkley Moor)104 SE114452c 244
37168 Normanby Top (was The Wolds)113 TF121964162
39267 Wendover Woods (was Haddington Hill)165 SP890089180
40252 Watch Croft (was White Downs)203 SW420357c 225
42200 Detling Hill (was North Downs)178,188 TQ804586c 163

Druim Tarsuinn (18B) had been renamed Stob a'Bhealach an Sgriodain, as recommended by the SMC, but has been renamed back to Druim Tarsuinn.

Numerous hills in the Western Isles (Lewis, Harris, Uists, Barra and nearby islands) have been given Gaelic names on recent OS maps, although many of the original names derive from Norse. Thus Clisham is now An Cliseam, Heaval is Sheabhal and so on. In line with current policy of accepting OS maps as definitive unless clearly wrong, most Marilyns in region 24 now have new names, although names such as Muldoanich and North Lee will continue to be used alongside Maol Domhnaich, Li a'Tuath etc.

Height changes

There have been minor changes to the accepted height of numerous hills since RHB was published. Current details are available in the Database of British and Irish Hills and via the website.


A Submarilyn is a hill with a drop all round of 140-149m, i.e. within ten metres of being a Marilyn. There are currently 206 Submarilyns, including five islands (Soay, Tiree, Seil, Colonsay, Lundy) and ten hills in the south of England. Of the eleven hills listed in RHB that are no longer Marilyns, nine are now Submarilyns, but Cunnigill Hill and Scafell are not as they have less than 140m drop all round. Numerous hills have been confirmed as Submarilyns not Marilyns as a result of surveys:

Section Metres Name Map Grid Ref Drop
1C674.0 Meall Cala57 NN508127149
3B1010.5 Stob na Doire, Buachaille Etive Mor41 NN207532144.0
4A571.3 Meall na Duibhe41 NN226623149.1
4B901.9 Beinn a'Chumhainn42 NN462710145.4
4B674.0 Beinn Eilde42 NN563850147.3
5A829.3 Glas Mheall Mor42 NN563673146.7
6B634.4 Creag an t-Sithein43 NO031658148.3
7337.1 Hill of Goauch38,45 NO663941148.6
9B833.5 Marg na Craige35 NN620973149
10D326.7 Meall Bhanbhaidh41 NN115789148
11A633.2 Carn Bad a'Chreamha25,33 NG925264146.8
14B923.9 An Coileachan20 NH241680148.3
16B599.7 Meallan Liath9 NC515504147.4
16B333.0 Ben Screavie15 NC309393145.7
17A638.3 Baca Ruadh (Skye)23 NG474575145.8
17E491.6 Creach Bheinn (Mull)48 NM419291145.7
17E347.7 Cruach Torr an Lochain (Mull)47,48 NM564402148.9
17E343.1 Carn Mor (Mull)47,48 NM399488146.3
20C555.9 Beinn Tarsuinn (Arran)62,69 NR930452148.5
27C680.9 Blacklorg Hill77 NS653042148
28B830.2 Cramalt Craig72 NT168247147.4
28B514.6 Fanna Hill80 NT569031148.1
28B501.6 Fastheugh Hill73 NT393277144.9
30D750.4 Diffwys124 SH661234147.6
30F383.0 Pared y Cefn-hir124 SH661148149.4
31B474.5 Gamallt136,147 SN966709147.4
34B653.1 High Spy89,90 NY234162147.8
38A319.5 Earl's Hill126 SJ409048146.1
42254.9 Littleton Down197 SU941149149.2

There are still six unsurveyed Submarilyns with 148 or 149mm drop, and five surveyed Marilyns with 150m or 151m drop, so further changes are possible in future, though getting much less probable.