TACit Tables

The Murdos

Scottish hills over 3000 feet with at least 30 metres drop on all sides)

compiled by Alan Dawson

TACit Tables: Complete, up-to-date lists of hills

First published June 1995 by TACit Press
House 48, 170 Sandiefield Road, Glasgow G5 0DL.

ISBN 0 9522680 3 5

10% of the cover price will be donated to the John Muir Trust to help the purchase and conservation of more wild land. (Freepost John Muir Trust, Musselburgh, Midlothian EH21 7BR.)

Cover illustration of the Four Relevant Sisters of Kintail: Craig Smillie
Series editor: Dave Hewitt
Printed by Clydeside Press, 37 High Street, Glasgow


Scottish hills of 3000 feet with 30 metres drop

When Sir Hugh Munro died in 1919 he had no idea he had started a new sport - Munrobagging. This has since become so popular that anyone looking for a wilderness experience is now unlikely to find it on a Munro summit. The time has come for walkers to expand their horizons beyond Munros - to Corbetts, to Grahams, and to Murdo Munro and his Murdos. This is good news for radical hillwalkers; instead of following a long-dead military knight, they can now worship at the feet of a more modern and fashionable guru - Murdo Munro, anti-hero of The Angry Corrie, Scotland's hillwalking fanzine: a sheepish man with sheepish friends, a man who was so scared of climbing the Bhasteir Tooth that he designed a list of hills which excludes it. This booklet is the result, finally made public after years of painstaking research.

Murdos may not be good news for everyone. If you're struggling to climb all the Munros, there are now 444 peaks, not 277...If you believe there are already too many lists and we should stop messing with the existing ones, Murdo Munro has a simple message for you:

Murdos provide a rich array of extra summits to choose from.They don't have to take over your life, enticing you to remote, rainy summits in wind-battered Highland glens. There is absolutely no need for such behaviour. On the other hand, once you've started you might as well finish...

Regions of Scotland

About this Booklet

This is one of a series of booklets aiming to provide definitive lists of British hills. Clearly a lot of people who like climbing hills also like to have lists of them. TACit Tables provide walkers with highly accurate, up-to-date details of hills while being easily affordable and easily replaceable. All the heights and grid references in TACit Tables are obtained from the latest large-scale maps. The Ordnance Survey is nearing completion of its large-scale metric mapping of Britain, so future changes should be minimal, but if necessary the lists will be updated.

One unique feature of this series is that the height of each summit is given in both absolute and relative terms: as well as the height above sea level, the lists show the drop between each hill and the next one in the same category. The absolute and relative heights provide alternative measurements of a summit, but neither convey anything about distance, topography or other characteristics that can make a summit worth climbing. Maps provide much of this detail, and the tables are intended to be used alongside a map.

About the Murdos

In recent years the word Munro has become synonymous with Scottish mountains over 3000 feet, yet anyone who has climbed all 277 Munros will be aware that numerous 3000-foot summits are not counted as Munros. The list of 517 Munro Tops might therefore be regarded as a natural progression, but few of the 1300+ Munroists have gone on to climb all of these. Perhaps most of them have simply had enough, but those with an appetite for more will discover the Munro Tops to be an unsatisfying assortment of major mountain summits and minor bumps. Many Tops are awkwardly distributed for a natural walking route yet are not distinctive enough to warrant a special trip. The list of Murdos provides a much more rational and appealing extension to the Munros.

A Murdo is a Scottish peak over 914.4 metres high (3000 feet) with a drop of at least 30 metres (98 feet) all round. The 444 Murdos comprise all 277 Munros, 160 of the most significant Munro Tops and seven additional summits. The list of Murdos shows the drop from each summit and so makes it easy for hillwalkers to collect the most rewarding 3000-foot summits without having to bother with the less significant tops.

About the List

Hills are grouped into the geographical regions shown opposite. Most regions are subdivided into sections. Each region is given a descriptive heading and a more detailed summary of its boundaries. The layout highlights mountains with a drop of over 150 metres (ie Marilyns), which are treated as major summits. Other hills are grouped beneath the relevant major summit, with their names indented. They are listed in order of relative height, so the most significant summits are shown first. Obvious groups of hills are kept together. The information is laid out in the following columns:


The region numbers correspond to those used in Munro's Tables (Scottish Mountaineering Trust, 1981). The section numbers are the same as those used in The Relative Hills of Britain (Alan Dawson, Cicerone Press, 1992).


This column gives the height of the hill above sea level in metres. All Ordnance Survey 1:50000 maps now show metric contours and spot heights. The contours are very accurate, but the spot heights are not generally as accurate as those on larger scale maps. However, it is not possible to rely solely on larger scale maps, as metric versions are not available for all areas. Also, numerous spot heights shown on 1:50000 maps are omitted from the 1:25000 or 1:10000 maps. In cases where differing heights for the same point are given on different maps, the following order of precedence is used: metric 1:10000; metric 1:25000; 1:50000; non-metric 1:10000 or 1:25000.


The height in feet is arrived at in all cases simply by multiplying the metric figure by 3.28 and rounding up or down.


Most names are taken from the relevant 1:50000 map. If a hill is not named on this then the name shown on a larger scale map is used. In a few cases where no name is marked on any map, the name used in Munro's Tables is given. If a mountain has a general name and a summit name, the general name is given first.


This column gives the number(s) of the Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50000 map(s) on which the summit of the hill is to be found.

Grid Reference

Each grid reference pinpoints the location of the summit of a hill to within 100 metres. Details of how to use the grid reference are given on all Landranger maps. All grid references have been double-checked for accuracy on 1:10000 maps or 1:25000 maps, using a precise technique (a plastic overlay sheet with 100 small squares per grid square).


This column refers to the relative height of the hill. For the purposes of this list, any summit with over 150 metres drop all round is regarded as a separate mountain. For hills in this category the drop refers to the height difference (in metres) between the summit and the col connecting the hill to the next summit with a 150-metre drop (which may be higher or lower). If there is more than one col, the highest col is used. Murdos with less than 150 metres drop are listed as subsidiary summits, with the name indented. For these summits the drop always relates to a higher Murdo. This is illustrated on the inside back cover. If there is no spot height for a col shown on any metric map, the drop is estimated from the position of contour lines; this is indicated by a c in the drop column. It should be accurate to within two or three metres. The resulting figure indicates how isolated a summit is (in height) from its neighbours and how much effort is likely to be involved in climbing two hills together.


This column is left blank for you to write the date each hill is climbed, or to enter a retrospective tick. People who disapprove of record-keeping can ignore this column.

Region 1 Firth of Clyde to Strath Tay

Crianlarich; A85 and A827 to Killin; Loch Tay and River Tay to Perth; A85 to Comrie; Glen Artney and the Highland boundary fault to Loch Lomond; River Leven to Dumbarton; coast to Arrochar; A83 to Inveraray; A819 and A85 to Crianlarich.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
1A9313054Ben Chonzie51,52NN773308325
1B9853232Ben Vorlich57NN629189262
1B9753199Stuc a'Chroin57NN617174252
1C11743852Ben More51NN432244312
1C11653822Stob Binnein51NN434227303
1C9663169Meall na Dige51NN45022582
1C10463432Cruach Ardrain51,56NN409212c 523
1C9463104Beinn Tulaichean56NN416196121
1C9593146Stob Garbh51NN411221103
1C9953264An Caisteal50,56NN378193376
1C9403084Beinn a'Chroin50,56NN394186135
1C9383077Beinn a'Chroin West Top50,56NN38518561
1C9333061Beinn Chabhair50,56NN367179314
1C9743195Ben Lomond56NN367028519
1D11303707Ben Lui50NN266263c 443
1D9163005Beinn a'Chleibh50NN250256141
1D10293376Ben Oss50NN287253c 250
1D9783209Beinn Dubhchraig50NN307254c 199
1D10113317Beinn Ime56NN255084c 336
1D9483110Beinn Bhuidhe50,56NN203187c 592
1D9433094Ben Vorlich50,56NN295124632
1D9273041Beinn Narnain56NN271066290
1D9153002Ben Vane56NN277098c 423

Region 2 Loch Rannoch to Loch Tay

Rannoch Station; B846 and Loch Rannoch to Kinloch Rannoch; River Tummel, River Tay and Loch Tay to Killin; A827 and A85 to Tyndrum; railway to Rannoch Station.

2A10413415Carn Mairg42,51NN684512c 194
2A9813218Meall na Aighean51NN694496c 136
2A9683176Meall Garbh42,51NN647517104
2A10123320Meall Liath42,51NN69351260
2A10043294Meall a'Bharr42,51NN66851536
2A10293376Carn Gorm42,51NN635500c 182
2A9243031An Sgorr42,51NN64050973
2A9603150Stuchd an Lochain51NN483448329
2A9273041Sron Chona Chorein51NN49344536
2A9323058Meall Buidhe51NN498499c 236
2A10813547Beinn a'Chreachain50NN373440268
2A9783209Meall Buidhe50NN35943854
2A10763530Beinn Dorain50NN325378332
2A10383405Beinn Achaladair50NN344432225
2A10023287Beinn Achaladair South Top50NN342420c 47
2A10043294Beinn an Dothaidh50NN331408c 247
2A9533127Beinn Mhanach50NN373411315
2A9233028Beinn a'Chuirn50NN36040974
2B12143983Ben Lawers51NN635414289
2B11033619Beinn Ghlas51NN625404107
2B11183668Meall Garbh51NN644436193
2B11183668An Stuc51NN639431127
2B10693507Meall Corranaich51NN615410202
2B10013284Meall Greigh51NN674438167
2B9263038Meall a'Choire Leith51NN612439151
2B10783537Beinn Heasgarnich51NN413383424
2B10473435Creag Mhor50NN391361322
2B9563136Stob nan Clach50NN38735171
2B10443425Meall nan Tarmachan51NN585390492
2B10003281Beinn nan Eachan51NN57038392
2B10263366Meall Garbh51NN578383c 72
2B9163005Creag na Caillich51NN562377c 71
2B9233028Meall nan Tarmachan South Top51NN589385c 34
2B10393409Meall Ghaordaidh51NN514397401
2B10253363Ben Challum50NN386322450
2B9983274Ben Challum South Top50NN38631545
2B9593146Meall Glas51NN431321c 295
2B9373074Beinn Cheathaich51NN44432678
2B9213022Sgiath Chuil51NN462317312

Region 3 Loch Leven to Connel Bridge and Glen Lochy

Kinlochleven; River Leven, Blackwater Reservoir, Black Water and railway to Rannoch Station; railway to Tyndrum; A85 to Taynuilt; Loch Etive and coast to Kinlochleven.

3A9673173Aonach Eagach - Sgor nam Fiannaidh41NN140583381
3A9533127Meall Dearg41NN161583c 118
3A9433094Am Bodach41NN168580c 78
3A9403084Stob Coire Leith41NN14958462
3B11503773Bidean nam Bian41NN143542440
3B10723517Stob Coire Sgreamhach41NN154536128
3B11153658Stob Coire nan Lochan41NN148548116
3B9313054Beinn Fhada41NN16454355
3B9523123Stob Coire Sgreamhach East Top41NN15954050
3B11073632Stob Coire nam Beith41NN139545c 32
3B10243360Beinn a'Bheithir - Sgorr Dhearg41NN056558267
3B9473107Sgorr Bhan41NN062560c 44
3B10013284Beinn a'Bheithir - Sgorr Dhonuill41NN040555244
3B9943261Sgor na h-Ulaidh41NN111518415
3B9683176Stob an Fhuarain41NN118523c 103
3B9593146Beinn Fhionnlaidh50NN095497510
3B9373074Beinn Sgulaird50NN053460c 372
3B10213350Buachaille Etive Mor - Stob Dearg41NN222542532
3B10113317Stob na Doire41NN207532144
3B9563136Sgor na Broige41NN190525c 134
3B9413087Stob Coire Altruim41NN19753035
3B9583143Buachaille Etive Beag - Stob Dubh41NN179535210
3B9253035Buachaille Etive Beag - Stob Coire Raineach41NN191548177
3C11263694Ben Cruachan50NN069304398
3C9983274Stob Diamh50NN094308c 130
3C11043622Stob Dearg50NN06230798
3C9183012Meall Cuanail50NN069295c 93
3C10093310Drochaid Ghlas50NN083306c 76
3C9663169Sron an Isean50NN099311c 54
3C9803215Stob Garbh50NN095302c 50
3C9893245Beinn Eunaich50NN135328261
3C9803215Beinn a'Chochuill50NN109328252
3C11083635Meall a'Bhuiridh41NN250503176
3C10993606Clach Leathad50NN24049366
3C9963268Stob a'Ghlais Choire41NN240516c 31
3C10903576Stob Ghabhar50NN230455393
3C9413087Stob a'Bhruaich Leith50NN208459c 42
3C9453100Stob a'Choire Odhair50NN257459277
3C10783537Ben Starav50NN125427312
3C9183012Stob an Duine Ruaidh50NN12441066
3C9303051Meall Cruidh50NN129415c 35
3C10443425Stob Coir'an Albannaich50NN169443290
3C9973271Glas Bheinn Mhor50NN153429231
3C9603150Beinn nan Aighenan50NN148405343
3C9283045Meall nan Eun50NN192449174

Region 4 Fort William to Loch Ericht

Fort William; River Lochy to Gairlochy; River Spean to Spean Bridge; A86 to Kingussie; A9 to Dalwhinnie; Loch Ericht and River Ericht to Loch Rannoch; B846 to Rannoch Station; railway, Black Water, Blackwater Reservoir and River Leven to Kinlochleven; Loch Leven and Loch Linnhe to Fort William.

4A13444409Ben Nevis41NN166712286
4A12214006Carn Dearg North41NN15971936
4A10203346Carn Dearg South41NN155701c 35
4A12344049Aonach Beag41NN197715404
4A12214006Aonach Mor41NN193729c 134
4A10683504Stob an Cul Choire41NN203731c 72
4A9633159Sgurr a'Bhuic41NN20470165
4A9183012Tom na Sroine41NN20774534
4A12204003Carn Mor Dearg41NN177721162
4A11773862Stob Choire Claurigh41NN262738242
4A11163661Stob Coire an Laoigh41NN239725c 74
4A11233684Stob Coire na Ceannain41NN26774559
4A10803544Stob Coire Easain41NN23472745
4A9583143Stob Coire na Gaibhre41NN26175734
4A11153658Stob Coire Easain41NN308730564
4A11053625Stob a'Choire Mheadhoin41NN316736c 140
4A10943589Sgurr Choinnich Mor41NN227714159
4A9633159Sgurr Choinnich Beag41NN22071062
4A9773205Stob Ban41NN266724174
4A11303707Binnein Mor41NN212663347
4A10563465Na Gruagaichean41NN203652c 98
4A10413415Na Gruagaichean North Top41NN201654c 46
4A9563136Sgor Eilde Beag41NN219652c 31
4A10993606Sgurr a'Mhaim41NN164667c 218
4A10013284Sgor an Iubhair41NN16565577
4A9903248Stob Choire a'Mhail41NN16365966
4A10323386Am Bodach41NN176650c 151
4A10103314Sgurr Eilde Mor41NN230657c 271
4A9993278Stob Ban41NN147654c 234
4A9393081Mullach nan Coirean41NN12266293
4A9173008Mullach nan Coirean South Top41NN131654c 68
4A9823222An Gearanach41NN187669151
4A9813218Stob Coire a'Chairn41NN185660124
4A9433094Binnein Beag41NN221677197
4B11483766Ben Alder42NN496718c 313
4B11023615Beinn Eibhinn42NN449733126
4B11163661Aonach Beag42NN45774199
4B10283373Sgor Iutharn42NN48974357
4B9223025Mullach Coire nan Nead42NN43073439
4B9253035Diollaid a'Chairn42NN48775738
4B10343392Carn Dearg42NN504764158
4B10193343Beinn Bheoil42NN516717c 184
4B9553133Sron Coire na h-Iolaire42NN513704c 73
4B9553133Sgor Gaibhre42NN444674223
4B9293048Sgor Choinnich42NN443683125
4B9413087Carn Dearg42NN417661209
4B10873566Beinn a'Chlachair42NN471781348
4B10493442Geal Charn42NN504811310
4B9243031Creag Pitridh34,42NN487814105
4B10463432Chno Dearg41NN377741517
4B9793212Stob Coire Sgriodain41NN356743c 90
4B9763202Meall Garbh41NN37172753
4B9583143Stob Coire Sgriodain South Top41NN35973845
4B9353068Beinn na Lap41NN376695406

Region 5 Loch Ericht to Glen Tromie and Glen Garry

Kingussie; Glen Tromie to Gaick Lodge; Gaick pass and Edendon Water to Dalnacardoch Lodge; River Garry and River Tummel to Loch Rannoch; River Ericht, Loch Ericht and A9 to Kingussie.

510103314Beinn Udlamain42NN579739c 198
59753199A'Mharconaich42NN604762c 115
59913251Sgairneach Mhor42NN598731c 179
59173008Geal-charn42NN596782c 178
59513120Meall Chuaich42NN716878337
59413087Carn na Caim42NN677821327
59363071A'Bhuidheanach Bheag42NN660775c 111
59283045Glas Mheall Mor42NN68076968

Region 6 Forest of Atholl to Braemar and Blairgowrie

Braemar; A93 to Blairgowrie; River Ardle, River Isla, River Tay, River Tummel and River Garry to Dalnacardoch Lodge; Edendon Water, Gaick pass and Glen Tromie to Kingussie; River Spey, River Feshie, Geldie Burn and River Dee to Braemar.

6A10083307Beinn Dearg43NN852777272
6A10063300An Sgarsgoch43NN933836296
6A9943261Carn an Fhidhleir43NN904842253
6A9633159Carn a'Chlamain43NN915758c 317
6B11213678Beinn a'Ghlo - Carn nan Gabhar43NN971733274
6B10613481Airgiod Bheinn43NN961720c 50
6B10703511Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain43NN945724223
6B9753199Carn Liath43NN936698c 210
6B10513448Glas Tulaichean43NO051760c 246
6B10453428Beinn Iutharn Mhor43NO045792c 240
6B9533127Beinn Iutharn Bheag43NO065791105
6B9863235Mam nan Carn43NO04977976
6B10293376Carn an Righ43NO028772258
6B9463104Carn Bhac43NO051832c 187
6B9443097An Socach43NO079799188
6B9383077An Socach East Top43NO099805c 42
6B9753199Carn a'Gheoidh43NO107767298
6B9333061The Cairnwell43NO134773125
6B9173008Carn Aosda43NO134791122
6B9173008Carn Bhinnein43NO09176263

Region 7 Braemar to Montrose

Braemar; River Dee to Aberdeen; coast to Montrose; River South Esk to Brechin; Strathmore and River Ardle to Blairgowrie; A93 to Braemar.

711553789Lochnagar - Cac Carn Beag44NO243861281
710473435Carn an t-Sagairt Mor44NO20884385
710123320Cairn Bannoch44NO222825c 77
711103642Carn a'Coire Boidheach44NO226845c 75
79743195Meall Coire na Saobhaidhe44NO24287270
79983274Broad Cairn44NO24081564
79803215Meikle Pap44NO25986063
79833225Creag an Dubh-loch44NO23382249
710443425Carn an t-Sagairt Beag44NO21684841
710833553Cuidhe Crom44NO25984938
79203018Crow Craigies44NO22279837
710683504Glas Maol43NO167765194
710643491Cairn of Claise43NO185788c 119
79573140Tom Buidhe44NO213787c 71
79873238Creag Leacach43NO15474568
710193343Carn an Tuirc43NO174804c 64
79393081Mount Keen44NO409869c 312

Region 8 The Cairngorms

Aviemore; River Spey to Grantown-on-Spey; A939 to Ballater; River Dee to Braemar and Linn of Dee; Geldie Burn, River Feshie and River Spey to Aviemore.

813094295Ben Macdui36,43NN989989c 381
812454085Cairn Gorm36NJ005040146
811553789Derry Cairngorm36,43NO017980141
812153986Cairn Lochan36NH98502590
811763858Stob Coire an t-Sneachda36NH99602965
810533455Creag an Leth-choin36NH96803356
811083635Creagan a'Choire Etchachan36,43NO01299655
89833225Sgurr an Lochan Uaine36,43NO02599144
811823878Beinn Mheadhoin36NJ024017c 254
810903576Bynack More36NJ042063283
810173337A'Choinneach36NJ032048c 75
810373402Carn a'Mhaim36,43NN994952c 231
812964252Braeriach36,43NN953999c 171
812654150Carn na Criche36,43NN939982c 50
811843884Sron na Lairige36NH964006c 49
89183012Tom Dubh36,43NN92195240
812914236Cairn Toul36,43NN963972c 166
812584127Sgor an Lochain Uaine36,43NN954976118
810043294The Devil's Point36,43NN97695189
812133980Stob Coire an t-Saighdeir36,43NN96296346
811573796Beinn Bhrotain43NN954922258
811133652Monadh Mor36,43NN938942138
89423091Carn Cloich-mhuilinn43NN96890675
811973927Beinn a'Bhuird36NJ092006c 223
811793868Beinn a'Bhuird South Top36,43NO091985c 51
811743852Cnap a'Chleirich36,43NJ107010c 30
811713842Ben Avon - Leabaidh an Daimh Bhuidhe36NJ131018c 197
89723189Creag an Dail Mhor36,43NO13198262
810233356West Meur Gorm Craig36NJ15303640
810823550Beinn a'Chaorainn36NJ045013245
89313054Beinn Bhreac36,43NO058970c 86
810173337Beinn a'Chaorainn Bheag36NJ05701762
811183668Sgor Gaoith36,43NN902989242
810193343Mullach Clach a'Bhlair35,43NN882927c 104
811113645Sgoran Dubh Mor36NH90500258
810523451Carn Ban Mor35,36,43NN89397140
89763202Meall Buidhe35,36NH891001c 37
89983274Meall Dubhag35,36,43NN88095532

Region 9 Spean Bridge to Elgin

Inverness; coast to Spey Bay; River Spey to Kingussie; A86 to Spean Bridge; River Spean to Gairlochy; Great Glen to Inverness.

9B9453100Carn Dearg35NH635024239
9B9263038Geal Charn35NN561987c 101
9B9203018Carn Sgulain35NH683058c 72
9B9423091Carn Ban35NH631031c 55
9B9203018Carn Ballach35NH643045c 44
9C11283701Creag Meagaidh34,42NN418875c 304
9C10543458Stob Poite Coire Ardair34,42NN428888c 112
9C10063300Carn Liath34NN472903c 87
9C10283373Meall Coire Choille-rais34,42NN432862c 49
9C10713514Puist Coire Ardair34,42NN43787245
9C9933258An Cearcallach34,42NN422853c 35
9C9703182Meall an-t-Snaim34NN459904c 35
9C9163005Stob Coire Dubh34NN49691631
9C10503445Beinn a'Chaorainn34,41NN386850226
9C10433422Beinn a'Chaorainn North Top34,41NN383857c 38
9C9153002Beinn Teallach34,41NN361859301

Region 10 Glen Shiel to Glenfinnan

Shiel Bridge; Glen Shiel and Glen Moriston to Invermoriston; Great Glen to Fort William; Loch Eil and A830 to Lochailort; coast to Shiel Bridge.

10A10353396Gleouraich33NH039053c 299
10A10063300Craig Coire na Fiar Bhealaich33NH047051c 59
10A10273369Sgurr a'Mhaoraich33NG983065c 500
10A9963268Spidean Mialach33NH066043c 260
10A10213350Aonach air Chrith33NH051083c 200
10A9813218Maol Chinn-dearg33NH032087c 136
10A9873238Druim Shionnach33NH074084c 101
10A9473107Creag a'Mhaim33NH087077c 79
10A9383077Druim Shionnach West Top33NH062082c 36
10A10103314Sgurr an Doire Leathain33NH015099c 189
10A10043294Sgurr an Lochain33NH005104c 125
10A9183012Creag nan Damh33NG983112189
10A10103314The Saddle33NG936131311
10A9193015Sgurr Leac nan Each33NG91713366
10A9393081Spidean Dhomhuill Bhric33NG92212948
10A9463104Sgurr na Sgine33NG946113247
10A9743195Beinn Sgritheall33NG836126370
10B10403412Sgurr na Ciche33,40NM902966195
10B10133323Garbh Chioch Mhor33,40NM909961168
10B10033291Sgurr Mor33,40NM965980285
10B9533127Sgurr nan Coireachan33,40NM933958220
10B10203346Ladhar Bheinn33NG823039c 528
10B9603150Stob a'Choire Odhair33NG830043c 45
10B9463104Meall Buidhe33,40NM849989c 262
10B9423090Meall Buidhe East Top33,40NM852987c 30
10B9393081Luinne Bheinn33NG869007c 255
10C9373074Sron a'Choire Ghairbh34NN222945c 322
10C9183012Meall na Teanga34NN220924c 303
10D9623156Gulvain South Top40NM996864c 98
10D9633159Sgurr Thuilm40NM939879241
10D9563136Sgurr nan Coireachan40NM902880234

Region 11 Loch Duich to Loch Ness, South of Loch Mullardoch

Shiel Bridge; Loch Duich, Loch Long and Glen Elchaig to Carnach; pass to Loch Mullardoch; Glen Cannich and A831 to Drumnadrochit; Loch Ness to Invermoriston; Glen Moriston and Glen Shiel to Shiel Bridge.

11A11833881Carn Eige25NH123262311
11A11813875Mam Sodhail25NH120253c 137
11A10363399Sgurr na Lapaich25NH154243c 109
11A10743524An Tudair25NH127239c 66
11A11473763Stob a'Choire Dhomhain25NH131264c 49
11A9963268Mullach Cadha Rainich25NH139246c 34
11A11373730Stob Coire Dhomhnuill25NH138262c 31
11A10543458Toll Creagach25NH194282182
11A11123648Tom a'Choinich25NH164273c 148
11A10513448An Leth-chreag25NH153269c 56
11A10053297Beinn Fhionnlaidh25NH115282173
11A11513776Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan25,33NH057228c 435
11A9823222Mullach na Dheiragain25,33NH080259c 144
11A9213022An Socach25,33NH088230c 124
11A9673173Carn na Con Dhu25,33NH072242c 82
11A9743195Mullach Sithidh25,33NH082264c 49
11A10753527Stuc Bheag25,33NH053237c 47
11A9153002Stob Coire na Cloiche25,33NH075227c 39
11A11433750Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan West Top25,33NH052228c 38
11A9183012Stob Fraoch Choire25,33NH052253c 36
11A10413415Stuc Mor25,33NH053242c 33
11A10673501Sgurr Fhuaran33NG978166c 218
11A10023287Sgurr na Carnach33NG977158c 134
11A9293048Sgurr nan Saighead33NG974177c 106
11A10363399Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg33NH035143209
11A9563136Saileag33NH017148c 91
11A10273369Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe33NG984149c 178
11A9903248Sgurr nan Spainteach33NG99115065
11A10013284Aonach Meadhoin33NH049137174
11A9873238Sgurr an Fhuarail33NH05413971
11A9793212Ciste Dhubh33NH062166388
11A10323386Beinn Fhada33NH018192c 517
11A9543130Meall an Fhuarain Mhoir33NG99919665
11A9623156Sgurr a'Dubh Doire33NH03418548
11A9183012A'Ghlas-bheinn25,33NH008231c 403
11B10083307Stob Coire na Cralaig33NH09116356
11B11093638Sgurr nan Conbhairean34NH129138382
11B10023287Sail Chaorainn34NH13315488
11B9573140Carn Ghluasaid34NH145125c 62
11B9293048Tigh Mor na Seilge34NH140166c 38
11B9983274Creag a'Chaorainn34NH137131c 37
11B10013284Carn na Coire Mheadhoin34NH134158c 36
11B11023615Mullach Fraoch-choire33NH095171153

Region 12 Lochalsh to Inverness, North of Loch Mullardoch

Kyle of Lochalsh; coast to Strathcarron; railway to Garve; A832 to Beauly; Beauly Firth to Inverness; Great Glen to Drumnadrochit; A831 to Cannich; Glen Cannich, Loch Mullardoch and pass to Carnach; Glen Elchaig, Loch Long and Loch Alsh to Kyle of Lochalsh.

12A10833553Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais25NH258430c 316
12A10493442Sgurr Fhuar-thuill25NH235437c 144
12A9923255Carn nan Gobhar25NH273439c 137
12A10303379Creag Ghorm a'Bhealaich25NH244435c 81
12A9933258Sgurr na Ruaidhe25NH289426c 226
12A10533455Sgurr a'Chaorachain25NH087447c 188
12A9993278Sgurr Choinnich25NH076446c 134
12A10463432Bidean an Eoin Deirg25NH103443c 81
12A10073304Maoile Lunndaidh25NH135458c 402
12A9863235Lurg Mhor25NH065404c 250
12A9743195Meall Mor25NH072405c 49
12A9453100Bidein a'Choire Sheasgaich25NH049412c 209
12A9283045Moruisg25NH101499c 196
12A9153002Sgurr nan Ceannaichean25NH087480c 183
12B11503773Sgurr na Lapaich25NH160351c 322
12B10953592Sgurr nan Clachan Geala25NH161342c 63
12B11293704An Riabhachan25NH133344c 264
12B10403412An Riabhachan West Top25NH117337c 39
12B10693507An Socach25NH100332c 204
12B9923255Carn nan Gobhar25NH181343c 196
12B9453100Creag Dubh25NH199350c 93

Region 13 Loch Carron to Loch Maree

Poolewe; Loch Maree to Kinlochewe; A832 to Achnasheen; railway to Strathcarron; Loch Carron and coast to Poolewe.

13A10553461Liathach - Spidean a'Choire Leith25NG929579c 184
13A9153002Stuc a'Choire Dhuibh Bhig25NG942582c 82
13A9273041Am Fasarinen25NG923574c 55
13A9833225Stob a'Coire Liath Mhor25NG932581c 51
13A10233356Liathach - Mullach an Rathain25NG911576c 152
13A9553133Northern Pinnacles25NG913579c 38
13A10103314Beinn Eighe - Ruadh-stac Mor19NG951611c 185
13A9803215Sail Mhor19NG938605c 116
13A9763202Coinneach Mhor19NG944600108
13A9933258Beinn Eighe - Spidean Coire nan Clach25NG966597c 168
13A9633159Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe25NG981600c 118
13A9703182Sgurr Ban25NG974600c 65
13A9863235Beinn Alligin - Sgurr Mhor19,24NG865613219
13A9223025Beinn Alligin - Tom na Gruagaich19,24NG859601155
13B9623156Sgorr Ruadh25NG959505c 307
13B9333061Maol Chean-dearg25NG924499c 375
13B9263038Beinn Liath Mhor25NG964519c 261

Region 14 Loch Maree to Loch Broom and Garve

Ullapool; Loch Broom and A835 to Garve; railway to Achnasheen; A832 to Kinlochewe; Loch Maree and coast to Ullapool.

14A10623484An Teallach - Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill19NH069843617
14A10603478Sgurr Fiona19NH064836c 145
14A9603150Stob Cadha Gobhlach19NH068825c 127
14A9793212Glas Mheall Mor19NH076853c 101
14A10173337Sgurr Creag an Eich19NH055838c 92
14A9543130Sail Liath19NH071824c 56
14A10473435Lord Berkeley's Seat19NH06483439
14A9813218Slioch19NH004690c 626
14A9343064Sgurr an Tuill Bhain19NH018688c 56
14A10193343Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair19NH052735195
14A9183012Sgurr Dubh19NH061729c 47
14A9893245Sgurr Ban19NH056745165
14A9673173A'Mhaighdean19NH007749c 215
14A9373074Beinn Tarsuinn19NH039728c 202
14A9183012Ruadh Stac Mor19NH018756c 166
14A9163005Beinn a'Chlaidheimh19NH061775c 268
14B11103642Sgurr Mor20NH203718c 245
14B9233028An Coileachan20NH241680148
14B9343064Meall a'Chrasgaidh20NH184733115
14B9493113Meall Gorm20NH221695113
14B9543130Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich20NH219724c 109
14B9613153Carn na Criche20NH196725c 64
14B10933586Sgurr nan Clach Geala20NH184715c 228
14B9233028Sgurr nan Each20NH184697c 108
14B9993278Sgurr Breac20NH158711184
14B9353068Toman Coinich20NH14871366
14B9333061Fionn Bheinn20NH147621c 418

Region 15 Ullapool to the Moray Firth

Ullapool; A835 to Ledmore; A837 and River Oykel to Bonar Bridge; Dornoch Firth and coast to Inverness; Beauly Firth to Beauly; A832 to Garve; A835 and Loch Broom to Ullapool.

15A10843556Beinn Dearg20NH259811271
15A9773205Meall nan Ceapraichean20NH257825c 125
15A9783209Cona' Mheall20NH275816165
15A9533127Am Faochagach20NH303793c 367
15A9273041Eididh nan Clach Geala20NH258842c 166
15A9263038Seana Bhraigh20NH281878c 251
15B10463432Ben Wyvis - Glas Leathad Mor20NH463683c 532
15B9283045Glas Leathad Beag20NH492706132
15B9543130Tom a'Choinnich20NH46370088

Region 16 The Far North

Ullapool; coast to Cape Wrath, Wick and Dornoch; Dornoch Firth, River Oykel and A837 to Ledmore; A835 to Ullapool.

16B9273041Ben Hope9NC477501c 672
16D9623156Ben Klibreck - Meall nan Con16NC585299616
16E9983274Ben More Assynt15NC318201c 383
16E9603150Ben More Assynt South Top15NC324193c 45

Region 17 Skye and Mull

Two large islands in the Inner Hebrides.

17B9923255Sgurr Alasdair32NG450207c 188
17B9243031Sgurr nan Eag32NG457195c 127
17B9443097Sgurr Dubh Mor32NG457205c 89
17B9483110Sgurr Mhic Choinnich32NG450210c 56
17B9383077Sgurr Dubh na Da Bheinn32NG455204c 52
17B9863235Sgurr Dearg - Inaccessible Pinnacle32NG444215c 182
17B9723189Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh32NG445232c 123
17B9653166Sgurr na Banachdich32NG440224c 114
17B9183012Sgurr a'Mhadaidh32NG446235c 71
17B9263038Sgurr Thormaid32NG441226c 38
17B9643163Sgurr nan Gillean32NG471252c 204
17B9583143Bruach na Frithe32NG461252c 125
17B9343064Am Basteir32NG465253c 55
17B9353068Sgurr a'Fionn Choire32NG464252c 32
17B9283045Bla Bheinn32NG529217301
17B9263038Bla Bheinn South Top32NG528215c 31
17E9663169Ben More (Mull)47,48NM525330c 438

These are the top fifty-one Murdos in terms of height above sea level...

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
4A13444409Ben Nevis41NN166712286
813094295Ben Macdui36,43NN989989c 381
812964252Braeriach36,43NN953999c 171
812914236Cairn Toul36,43NN963972c 166
812654150Carn na Criche (Braeriach)36,43NN939982c 50
812584127Sgor an Lochain Uaine (Cairn Toul)36,43NN954976118
812454085Cairn Gorm36NJ005040146
4A12344049Aonach Beag41NN197715404
4A12214006Aonach Mor41NN193729c 134
4A12214006Carn Dearg North (Ben Nevis)41NN15971936
4A12204003Carn Mor Dearg41NN177721162
812153986Cairn Lochan36NH98502590
2B12143983Ben Lawers51NN635414289
812133980Stob Coire an t-Saighdeir (Cairn Toul)36,43NN96296346
811973927Beinn a'Bhuird36NJ092006c 223
811843884Sron na Lairige (Braeriach)36NH964006c 49
11A11833881Carn Eige25NH123262311
811823878Beinn Mheadhoin36NJ024017c 254
11A11813875Mam Sodhail25NH120253c 137
811793868Beinn a'Bhuird South Top36,43NO091985c 51
4A11773862Stob Choire Claurigh41NN262738242
811763858Stob Coire an t-Sneachda (Cairn Gorm)36NH99602965
1C11743852Ben More51NN432244312
811713842Ben Avon36NJ131018c 197
1C11653822Stob Binnein51NN434227303
811573796Beinn Bhrotain43NN954922258
811553789Derry Cairngorm36,43NO017980141
11A11513776Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan25,33NH057228c 435
3B11503773Bidean nam Bian41NN143542440
12B11503773Sgurr na Lapaich25NH160351c 322
4B11483766Ben Alder42NN496718c 313
11A11473763Stob a'Choire Dhomhain (Carn Eige)25NH131264c 49
11A11433750Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan West Top25,33NH052228c 38
11A11373730Stob Coire Dhomhnuill (Carn Eige)25NH138262c 32
1D11303707Ben Lui50NN266263c 443
4A11303707Binnein Mor41NN212663347
12B11293704An Riabhachan25NH133344c 264
9C11283701Creag Meagaidh34,42NN418875c 304
3C11263694Ben Cruachan50NN069304398
4A11233684Stob Coire na Ceannain41NN26774559
6B11213678Beinn a'Ghlo43NN971733274
811183668Sgor Gaoith36,43NN902989242
2B11183668Meall Garbh51NN644436193
2B11183668An Stuc51NN639431127
4A11163661Stob Coire an Laoigh41NN239725c 74
4B11163661Aonach Beag42NN45774199
3B11153658Stob Coire nan Lochan41NN148548116
4A11153658Stob Coire Easain41NN308730564

...and these are the top fifty Murdos in terms of relative height.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
16B9273041Ben Hope9NC477501c 672
1D9433094Ben Vorlich50,56NN295124632
14A9813218Slioch19NH004690c 626
14A10623484An Teallach19NH069843617
16D9623156Ben Klibreck16NC585299616
1D9483110Beinn Bhuidhe50,56NN203187c 592
4A11153658Stob Coire Easain41NN308730564
3B10213350Buachaille Etive Mor41NN222542532
15B10463432Ben Wyvis20NH463683c 532
10B10203346Ladhar Bheinn33NG823039c 528
1C10463432Cruach Ardrain51,56NN409212c 523
1C9743195Ben Lomond56NN367028519
4B10463432Chno Dearg41NN377741517
11A10323386Beinn Fhada33NH018192c 517
3B9593146Beinn Fhionnlaidh50NN095497510
10A10273369Sgurr a'Mhaoraich33NG983065c 500
2B10443425Meall nan Tarmachan51NN585390492
2B10253363Ben Challum50NN386322450
1D11303707Ben Lui50NN266263c 443
3B11503773Bidean nam Bian41NN143542440
17E9663169Ben More(Mull)47,48NM525330c 438
11A11513776Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan25,33NH057228c 435
2B10783537Beinn Heasgarnich51NN413383424
1D9153002Ben Vane56NN277098c 423
14B9333061Fionn Bheinn20NH147621c 418
3B9943261Sgor na h-Ulaidh41NN111518415
4B9353068Beinn na Lap41NN376695406
4A12344049Aonach Beag41NN197715404
11A9183012A'Ghlas-bheinn25,33NH008231c 403
12A10073304Maoile Lunndaidh25NH135458c 402
2B10393409Meall Ghaordaidh51NN514397401
3C11263694Ben Cruachan50NN069304398
3C10903576Stob Ghabhar50NN230455393
11A9793212Ciste Dhubh33NH062166388
16E9983274Ben More Assynt15NC318201c 383
11B11093638Sgurr nan Conbhairean34NH129138382
3A9673173Sgor nam Fiannaidh41NN140583381
813094295Ben Macdui36,43NN989989c 381
1C9953264An Caisteal50,56NN378193376
13B9333061Maol Chean-dearg25NG924499c 375
3B9373074Beinn Sgulaird50NN053460c 372
10A9743195Beinn Sgritheall33NG836126370
15A9533127Am Faochagach20NH303793c 367
4B10873566Beinn a'Chlachair42NN471781348
4A11303707Binnein Mor41NN212663347
3C9603150Beinn nan Aighenan50NN148405343
59513120Meall Chuaich42NN716878337

Note that the drop does not always relate to the nearest Murdo or Munro. For example, Ben Macdui has a drop of 210 metres to Cairn Gorm, but Cairn Gorm itself has less than 150 metres drop, so the drop of c381 metres relates to Beinn Mheadhoin.

Mini Munros

The following 26 Murdos have less than 100 metres drop yet are classified as Munros.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
4B11163661Aonach Beag42NN45774199
4A10563465Na Gruagaichean41NN203652c 98
4A9393081Mullach nan Coirean41NN12266293
11A9563136Saileag33NH017148c 91
4B9793212Stob Coire Sgriodain41NN356743c 90
810043294The Devil's Point36,43NN97695189
17B9443097Sgurr Dubh Mor32NG457205c 89
11B10023287Sail Chaorainn34NH13315488
9C10063300Carn Liath34NN472903c 87
89313054Beinn Bhreac36,43NO058970c 86
710473435Carn an t-Sagairt Mor44NO20884385
10A9473107Creag a'Mhaim33NH087077c 79
4A10013284Sgor an Iubhair41NN16565577
710123320Cairn Bannoch44NO222825c 77
711103642Carn a'Coire Boidheach44NO226845c 75
4A11163661Stob Coire an Laoigh41NN239725c 74
9B9203018Carn Sgulain35NH683058c 72
17B9183012Sgurr a'Mhadaidh32NG446235c 71
79573140Tom Buidhe44NO213787c 71
79873238Creag Leacach43NO15474568
79983274Broad Cairn44NO24081564
710193343Carn an Tuirc43NO174804c 64
11B9573140Carn Ghluasaid34NH145125c 62
17B9483110Sgurr Mhic Choinnich32NG450210c 56
17B9343064Am Basteir32NG465253c 55

It is tempting to suggest that these summits should not be regarded as separate mountains while several more distinct summits are only classified as Tops (see opposite page). But there is no definition of Munros or Tops; the distinction between them is arbitrary and variable. The list of Murdos resolves this uncertainty by requiring a 30-metre drop, but it also provides the information to enable you to draw the line somewhere else if you wish; say at 50m, 100m or 150m (or even 20m). In this case you might find the following table of interest.

Marilyn Munros> 914.4m>150m20520230
Yeaman Munros> 914.4m>100m273251220
SubMunros> 914.4m> 50m375277962
Murdos> 914.4m> 30m4442771607
SubMurdos (relative)> 914.4m 20-30m7104427
SubMurdos (absolute) 900-914.4m> 30m550055

Details of SubMurdos are given on Page 18. Anyone who feels a sentimental urge to climb the 277 most distinct 3000-foot mountains will need to climb all summits with a drop of at least 98 metres. This includes Gulvain South Top and Stob Dearg next to Ben Cruachan, as well as all the Tops listed opposite.

Tops and Drops

The following 22 Murdos have over 100 metres drop yet are classified as Munro Tops.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
3B9253035Stob Coire Raineach (Buachaille Etive Beag)41NN191548177
13A9933258Spidean Coire nan Clach (Beinn Eighe)25NG966597c 168
13A9223025Tom na Gruagaich (Beinn Alligin)19,24NG859601155
3B10113317Stob na Doire (Buachaille Etive Mor)41NN207532144
3B9563136Sgor na Broige (Buachaille Etive Mor)41NN190525c 134
11A10023287Sgurr na Carnach (Sgurr Fhuaran)33NG977158c 134
15B9283045Glas Leathad Beag (Ben Wyvis)20NH492706132
3B10723517Stob Coire Sgreamhach (Bidean nam Bian)41NN154536128
2B11183668An Stuc (Meall Garbh)51NN639431127
14A9603150Stob Cadha Gobhlach (An Teallach)19NH068825c 127
4B9293048Sgor Choinnich (Sgor Gaibhre)42NN443683125
812584127Sgor an Lochain Uaine (Cairn Toul)36,43NN954976118
13A9633159Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe (Beinn Eighe)25NG981600c 118
3B11153658Stob Coire nan Lochan (Bidean nam Bian)41NN148548116
13A9803215Sail Mhor (Beinn Eighe)19NG938605c 116
11A10363399Sgurr na Lapaich (Mam Sodhail)25NH154243c 109
13A9763202Coinneach Mhor (Beinn Eighe)19NG944600108
11A9293048Sgurr nan Saighead (Sgurr Fhuaran)33NG974177c 106
6B9533127Beinn Iutharn Bheag (Beinn Iutharn Mhor)43NO065791105
1C9593146Stob Garbh (Cruach Ardrain)51NN411221103
3B9683176Stob an Fhuarain (Sgor na h-Ulaidh)41NN118523c 103
14A9793212Glas Mheall Mor (An Teallach)19NH076853c 101

There seems to be a pattern here, with the mountains of Glencoe and Torridon not getting their fair share of glory. If the Mamores can claim eleven Munros and the South Glen Shiel Ridge seven, then there could easily be five Munros on Beinn Eighe, four on An Teallach and the Five Sisters group, three on Buachaille Etive Mor and Bidean nam Bian, and two on the other mountains listed above. This would be more consistent and logical, but could these summits really be called Munros?The editors of Munro's Tables are aware of many of these discrepancies but are somewhat burdened by tradition. They have understandably chosen to regard the list of Munros as a historical document and have tried to leave it alone, but their intermittent tinkering has resulted in a list of Munros that is neither Sir Hugh's original list nor a systematic revision. It is not based on any particular criteria, so it has become just a list of mountains published by the Scottish Mountaineering Club, loosely based on an original idea by Sir Hugh Munro.

Seven Summits

Anyone who has climbed all the Munro Tops will have traversed most Murdos but not necessarily all, as the following seven Murdos are not listed as Tops in Munro's Tables. The remoteness of Stob Fraoch Choire suggests few people have climbed all the Murdos.

2B9233028Meall nan Tarmachan South Top51NN589385c 34
3C9183012Stob an Duine Ruaidh (Ben Starav)50NN12441066
10A9383077Druim Shionnach West Top33NH062082c 36
11A9153002Stob Coire na Cloiche (Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan)25NH075227c 39
11A9183012Stob Fraoch Choire (Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan)25NH052253c 36
11A11373730Stob Coire Dhomhnuill (Carn Eige)25NH138262c 31
13A9153002Stuc a'Choire Dhuibh Bhig (Liathach)25NG942582c 82


Summits that do not have quite enough absolute or relative height to be Murdos are referred to as SubMurdos.The following 71 summits miss being Murdos by less than ten metres of relative height. The SMC column indicates the status of the summit according to Munro's Tables. Top means the summit is listed as a top in the 1990 edition, None means that it has never been listed as a Top, and Del means that Sir Hugh Munro listed it as a Top but a subsequent editor has deleted it.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDropSMC
1C10683504Stob Coire an Lochain (Stob Binnein)51NN43822023Top
1D9313054Ben Vorlich North Top50,56NN29413027 Top
1D9413087Ben Oss North Top50NN29025825None
2A10003281Beinn an Dothaidh West Top50NN326409c 23None
2A9743195Meall na Aighean West Top51NN69049422None
2A10663497Beinn Dorain North Top50NN32538221None
2A9613153Beinn a'Chreachain North Top50NN378448c 20None
2B9183012Meall a'Churain (Sgiath Chuil)51NN46332529 Top
2B9503117Beinn nan Eachan East Top51NN57438325Del
2B9493113Beinn Heasgarnich North Top51NN421391c 23None
3A9243031The Chancellor (Aonach Eagach)41NN16258228None
4A11793868Carn Dearg Meadhonach41NN176726c 27 Top
4A9753199An Garbhanach41NN18866525 Top
4A10623484Binnein Mor South Top41NN211656c 24 Top
4B10233355Sron Garbh (Geal Charn)42NN509810c 25Del
6B9203018Carn Bhac West Top43NO04182726 Top
6B9473107Carn nan Gabhar North Top43NN97474421None
79433094Creag Leacach South Top43NO149741c 25 Top
79273041Craig of Gowal (Cairn Bannoch)44NO23280923 Top
79913251Cairn of Gowal (Cairn Bannoch)44NO22682022 Top
79563136Little Pap (Lochnagar)44NO26584422 Del
811203674Carn Etchachan (Ben Macdui)36NJ00300926 Top
811103642Sron Riach (Ben Macdui)36,43NN99997725 Top
810823550Stob Coire Etchachan (Beinn Mheadhoin)36NJ02400526 Top
810143327Stacan Dubha (Beinn Mheadhoin)36NJ01101425 Top
811633816Beinn Mheadhoin South Top36NJ01801120 Top
811073632Stob an t'Sluichd (Beinn a'Bhuird)36NJ112027c 25 Top
811203674Stuc Gharbh Mhor (Ben Avon)36NJ147013c 25Del
811223681Mullach Lochan nan Gobhar (Ben Avon)36NJ143021c 24Del
811383734Ben Avon South Top36NJ125013c 23 Del
810893573Carn Eas (Ben Avon)36,43NO12299222Top
811193671Clach Choutsaich (Ben Avon)36NJ143018c 21None
89353068East Meur Gorm Craig (Ben Avon)36NJ159042c 21 Top
811083635Beinn Bhrotain East Top43NN96292325None
89273041Beinn Bhreac West Top36,43NO05297220 Top
89533127Mullach Clach a'Bhlair North Top35,36,43NN891944c 20None
89703182Bynack Beg36NJ03606823 Top
9C9933258Sron Coire a'Chriochairein (Stob Poite Coire Ardair)34,42NN447899c 27 Top
9C10493442Beinn a'Chaorainn South Top34,41NN38684525 Top
9C10013284Sron a'Choire (Creag Meagaidh)34,42NN44887723 Top
10A9483110Sgurr a'Mhaoraich Beag33NG977067c 29 Top
10A9633159Sgurr na Forcan (The Saddle)33NG940130c 28 Top
10A9583143The Saddle East Top33NG938130c 21 Top
10A9283045Beinn Sgritheall North Top33NG834131c 27 Top
10A9423091Sgurr na Sgine North Top33NG94311521 Top
10A9773205Spidean Mialach West Top33NH062044c 20None
10B9683176Garbh Chioch Bheag33,40NM918959c 26 Top
10B9373074Luinne Bheinn East Top33NG872006c 24 Top
11A9173008Stob Coire Lochan (Carn Eige)25NH119271c 29 Top
11A11313711Sron Garbh (Carn Eige)25NH144263c 24 Top
11A10553461Creag Coire nan Each (Mam Sodhail)25NH113232c 27 Top
11A11083635Ciste Dhubh (Mam Sodhail)25NH114246c 22 Del
11A10623484An Tudair North Top (Mam Sodhail)25NH123243c 20None
11A9513120Toll Creagach West Top25NH17727528 Top
11A9413087Stob Coire nan Dearcag (Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan)25,33NH071225c 26 Top
11A9183012Meall an Fhuarain Mhoir West Top33NG996197c 20None
11B10013284Drochaid an Tuill Easaich (Sgurr nan Conbhairean)34NH120134c 29Top
11B10473435Mullach Fraoch-choire East Top33NH099173c 22Del
12A10153330Sgurr na Fearstaig (Sgurr Fhuar-thuill)25NH22843728 Top
12B9643163Braigh a'Choire Bhig (Sgurr na Lapaich)25NH157330c 23None
12B10593474An Socach East Top25NH104333c 21None
13A9303051Creag Dhubh (Beinn Eighe)19NG98360420Del
14A9603150Glas Mheall Liath (An Teallach)19NH077841c 28 Top
14A9193015Bidean a'Ghlas Thuill North Top19NH069850c 26None
14A9813218Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair East Top19NH05673329 Top
14B9743195Meall nam Peithirean (Sgurr Mor)20NH207708c 29 Top
15A9683176Ceann Garbh (Meall nan Ceapraichean)20NH259830c 22 Top
16E9743195Ben More Assynt West Top15NC31520125None
17B9423091Sgurr na Banachdich Central Top32NG441223c 24 Top
17B9473107Sgurr Sgumain32NG448206c 26 Top
17B9783209Sgurr Thearlaich32NG450207c 22 Top

Twenty-seven of these SubMurdos are not currently listed as Tops in Munro's Tables, whereas 36 Munro Tops have less than twenty metres drop (along with numerous deleted and unlisted tops) and so are not listed above.Seven of these minor Tops are in Region 7 (Lochnagar to Glas Maol), three are on Stob Ghabhar, three on the Grey Corries ridge, two on The Saddle and two on An Teallach. The least worthy Munro Tops are Aonach Eagach on Stob Ghabhar (c5m drop) and Ben Lui North-West Top (9m). Of course, relative height is not the only way to assess the merit of a top. For example, one could argue that a top is more significant if it is near the main summit rather than several kilometres away or hundreds of metres lower. This approach could perhaps justify including summits such as the North-West Top of Ben Lui, but numerous similar tops have not received the same treatment.


The following 55 hills miss out on being Murdos by less than fifteen metres in absolute height. Summits with a drop of over 152 metres (500 feet) are classified as Corbetts (2500-2999 feet high). Where the name is likely to be unfamiliar, the relevant Munro or Corbett is shown in brackets.

SectMetresFeetNameMapGrid refDrop
59142998Carn na Caim South Top42NN66480730
89142998Meall Gaineimh (Ben Avon)36NJ166051c 69
13A9142998Beinn Dearg19,24NG895608c 469
16B9142998Foinaven - Ganu Mor9NC315507401
10B9132995Sgurr a'Choire-bheithe33NG895015c 390
11A9132995Creag na h-Eige (Carn Eige)25NH14028269
12A9132995Sgurr na Ruaidhe East Top26NH304428c 42
2A9122992Garbh Mheall (Meall Buidhe)51NN500505c 47
6A9122992Beinn Bhreac43NN868820155
6A9122992Leathad an Taobhain43NN821858155
4B9112989The Fara42NN598843c 419
9B9112989Meall a'Bhothain (Carn Dearg)35NH66305630
2A9102986Meall Buidhe51NN427449295
4A9102986Meall a'Chaorainn (Mullach nan Coirean)41NN115657c 37
4A9102986Mullach nan Coirean East Top41NN13765535
14A9102986Beinn Dearg Mor19NH032799c 315
17B9102986Knight's Peak (Sgurr nan Gillean)32NG471254c 35
2B9092982Beinn nan Oighreag51NN541412271
3B9092982Beinn Sgulaird North Top50NN055462c 34
4A9092982Leum Uilleim41NN330641c 497
4A9092982Stob Coire a'Chairn South Top41NN18165641
10A9092982Faochag (Sgurr na Sgine)33NG954123c 58
15A9092982Carn Gorm-loch (Am Faochagach)20NH319800c 146
3B9072976Beinn Maol Chaluim41NN135526197
10C9072976Meall Coire Lochain (Meall na Teanga)34NN215920c 92
13B9072976Fuar Tholl25NG975489c 244
1C9062972Stob Creagach (Stob Binnein)51NN45923188
3C9062972Meall nan Each (Ben Cruachan)50NN056313c 88
10A9062972Sgurr Thionail (Sgurr a'Mhaoraich)33NG985089c 120
10A9062972Beinn Sgritheall East Top33NG845123c 72
11A9062972An Socach North Top25NH093234c 32
4B9052969The Fara South Top42NN59582933
79052969Finalty Hill (Mayar)44NO212750c 70
15A9052969Creag an Duine (Seana Bhraigh)20NH297879c 91
15A9052969Seana Bhraigh South Top20NH28887261
2A9042966Meall na Aighean East Top51NN70649542
10C9042966Ben Tee34NN241972356
13B9042966Sgorr Ruadh East Top25NG963506c 36
3A9032963A'Chailleach (Meall Dearg)41NN189579138
4B9032963Beinn a'Chumhainn (Sgor Gaibhre)42NN462710145
6B9032963Ben Vuirich43NN997700345
13B9032963Beinn Damh24NG892502c 470
10A9022959Sgurr Coire na Feinne (Maol Chinn-dearg)33NH028093c 30
16B9022959Ceann Garbh (Foinaven)9NC313514c 64
1D9012956Beinn Bhuidhe East Top50,56NN212193c 75
2B9012956Beinn Odhar50NN337338457
3A9012956Aonach Eagach41NN153582c 30
4B9012956Leacann na Sguabaich (The Fara)42NN58681964
6A9012956Beinn Mheadhonach43NN880758165
10B9012956Sgurr an Fhuarain33,40NM987979183
10C9012956Meall a'Choire Ghlais (Sron a'Choire Ghairbh)34NN219957c 35
19C9012956Beinn an Lochain56NN218079417
89002953Culardoch36,43NO193988c 248
12A9002953Sgurr na Conbhaire (Sgurr Choinnich)25NH080433c 79

The word Metros has on occasion been used to refer to hills between 900 and 914 metres, but the name is ambiguous as it is also sometimes applied to summits over 1000 metres.