The Relative Hills of Britain


Alan Dawson

Cicerone Press
Milnthorpe, Cumbria

© Alan Dawson 1992

ISBN 1-85284-068-4

Chapter 8: Further Reading (2013 revision)

There have been numerous hill lists produced since this book was first published in 1992. Some have found their way into print, others are available online in a central database or as separate downloadable files. This brief bibliography concentrates on the more important lists and sources that are now readily available for those interested. The glossary below may assist in understanding the titles and content of some references.

Glossary of hill categories defined by relative height (drop)

Category Area Height Drop Current total
Corbett Scotland762-914.3152.4+221
Corbett Top Scotland762-914.330+673
Dewey England, Wales, IoM500-60930+427
Donald Dewey Southern Scotland500-60930+248
Graham Scotland610-761.9150+224
Graham Top Scotland610-761.930+999
Hewitt England, Wales, IoM610+30+316
Hewitt Ireland610+30+209
Hump Britain, IoM100+100+2986
Hump Ireland100+100+833
Major British Isles600+600+119
Marilyn Britain, IoM150+150+1557
Marilyn Ireland150+150+453
Murdo Scotland914.4+30+442
New Donald Southern Scotland610+30+118
Nuttall England, Wales610+15+444
Pedwar Wales400-49930+447
Sim Britain600+30+2530
Submarilyn Britain, IoM140+140-149.9204
Tump Britain30+30+16800
Ultra Worldwide1500+1500+1524


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The following five booklets in the TACit Tables series are available via

Clements, E.D. The Hewitts and Marilyns of Ireland. TACit Press, 1997. 48p.

Dawson, Alan and Hewitt, Dave. The Grahams and the New Donalds. TACit Press, 1999. 32p.

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Hutchison, Grant. World tops and bottoms. TACit Press, 1996. 28p.

The following three booklets are out of print but are available in legal deposit libraries. Copies for sale may occasionally become available online.

Dawson, Alan. The Hewitts and Marilyns of England. TACit Press, 1997. 24p.

Dawson, Alan. The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales. TACit Press, 1997. 28p.

Dawson, Alan. The Murdos (Scottish hills over 3000 feet with at least 30 metres drop on all sides). TACit Press, 1995. 20p.

The following two books are of historical interest but unlikely to be available except in legal deposit libraries:

Docharty, William M. A selection of some 900 British and Irish mountain tops. 1954, 126p.

Docharty, William M. A selection of some 900 British and Irish mountain tops. The supplement ... and a selection of 1,000 tops under 2,500 feet. 1962.


Marhofn: The magazine for Marilyn baggers. Published annually since 1999.

Munro Society Newsletter: Published three times a year since 2004.

Key online resources
Marilyn News Centre: Copies of Marhofn, update sheets, metric hill lists, survey results and more."
Mailing list and newsgroup for baggers of Marilyns and other hills defined by relative height
DoBIH: Database of British and Irish Hills, an invaluable up-to-date source of hill data
Hill-bagging: Online version of DoBIH that enables recording of ascents, totals and access notes
Europeaklist: European hill and mountain lists
Peaklist: Lists of mountains of the world based on prominence, including the Ultras.


There are now hundreds of hillwalking guidebooks available, describing thousands of walks in detail, including many fine guides published by Cicerone Press. Probably the most authoritative and useful guides for hill baggers in Scotland are the guides to the Munros and the Corbetts published by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust, while for England and Wales the two books by John and Anne Nuttall, referenced above, are useful guidebooks as well as lists. There is also a guidebook to the Grahams, by Andrew Dempster, published by Mainstream. There is no guidebook to the Marilyns, and most baggers prefer it that way, but there is a series of guides to the Marilyns of England and Wales written by Alasdair Dibb and published by Mainstream in 2002:

England's highest peaks : a guide to the 2,000ft summits

The hills of Southern England : a guide to summits under 2,000ft

The hills of Northern England and the Isle of Man : a guide to summits under 2,000ft

The hills of the Midlands and South Pennines : a guide to summits under 2,000ft

Also of relevant specialist interest is:

The finest peaks: prominence and other mountain measures

by Adam Helman (2005), a detailed analysis of the concept of relative height.