The Relative Hills of Britain


Alan Dawson

Cicerone Press
Milnthorpe, Cumbria

© Alan Dawson 1992

ISBN 1-85284-068-4

Chapter 8: Further Reading (1992 version)

There is a great wealth of available literature about hill walking in Britain, both in general and in specific areas of the country. The brief, selective bibliography below includes details of books referred to in the preceding text together with other recent publications that are particularly relevant to a large number of the relative hills of Britain.


Scottish Mountaineering Club.
Munro's Tables. Scottish Mountaineering Trust, 1990.
Lists all the Munros, Munro Tops, Corbetts and Donalds, plus the names of all known Munroists (those known to have climbed all the Munros) and a brief Gaelic guide.

Bridge, G.
The Mountains of England and Wales. Gaston's Alpine Books and West Col Productions, 1973.
An old but much-used list of the 2000-foot tops in England and Wales. Now out of print and out of date, it is mainly of historical interest.

Buxton, C. & Lewis, G.
The Mountain Summits of England and Wales. Red Dial Publications, 1986.
A brief, inexpensive booklet which updates and enlarges on the list of summits in Bridge's book. Includes some very insignificant tops.

Yeaman, E. J.
Handbook of the Scottish Hills. Wafaida, 1989
Lists all the hills in Scotland over one hundred metres high, and includes meticulous codes and notes about many of them.

Hackenthorpe, R., Hackenthorpe, D., Hackenthorpe J. & Hackenthorpe L. V.
The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies. Slater-Methuen, 1973.
Mythical collection of miscellaneous misinformation. Contains over sixty million untrue facts and figures.


Bennet, D.(ed).
The Munros. Scottish Mountaineering Trust, 1985.
Well-illustrated guide to the main ascent routes on every Munro, conveniently grouped into walks of reasonable length. Does not include the Munro Tops.

Butterfield, I.
The High Mountains of Britain and Ireland. Diadem Books, 1986.
Coffee-table guide to all the Munros, Munro Tops, deleted Munros, deleted Tops, and 3000-foot summits in England, Wales and Ireland. The mountains are divided into non-standard sections and some mammoth expeditions. Also available in a more portable edition without the photographs.

Johnstone, S., Brown, H. & Bennet, D.(ed)
The Corbetts and Other Scottish Hills. Scottish Mountaineering Trust, 1990.
Companion guide to The Munros in the same format, covering the main ascent routes on a few selected Lesser Corbetts and even lower hills, as well as as the Corbetts.

Marsh, T. The Mountains of Wales. Hodder & Stoughton, 1985.
The Lake Mountains One. Hodder & Stoughton, 1987.
The Lake Mountains Two. Hodder & Stoughton, 1987.
The Pennine Mountains. Hodder & Stoughton, 1989.
Series of guides that together cover almost all the 600-metre summits of England and Wales. Several routes are described on the more popular hills.

Nuttall, J. & Nuttall, A. The Mountains of England and Wales. Volume 1: WALES. Cicerone Press, 1989.
The Mountains of England and Wales. Volume 2: ENGLAND. Cicerone Press, 1990.
A pair of guides intended specifically for walkers aiming to bag all the 2000-foot summits outside Scotland. Most of the suggested walks are designed to include as many tops as possible in a circuit of reasonable length.

Poucher, W.A.
The Scottish Peaks. Constable, 1988.
The Welsh Peaks. Constable, 1987.
The Lakeland Peaks. Constable, 1983.
The Peak and Pennines. Constable, 1983.
A relatively old series of guides that describe routes on the more popular summits in a country or area. The books were first published in the 1950's and 60's but have been regularly revised since. Each one contains a multitude of black-and-white photographs.

Wainwright, A.
The Eastern Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1955.
The Far Eastern Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1957.
The Central Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1958.
The Southern Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1960.
The Northern Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1962.
The North Western Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1964.
The Western Fells. Westmorland Gazette, 1966.
A set of hand-written and hand-drawn books, often considered to be the definitive guides to the hills of the Lake District. They have not been revised since first publication, so details of some routes have become out of date.

True Stories

Brown, H.
Hamish's Mountain Walk. Paladin, 1980.
Climbing the Corbetts. Gollancz, 1988.
Enthusiastic accounts of the ascent of all the Munros (in one continuous journey) and all the Corbetts (over several years).

Moran, M.
The Munros in Winter. David & Charles, 1985.
Detailed account of the first continuous journey over all the Munros in winter.

Caldwell, C.
Climb Every Mountain. Macdonald, 1990.
Description of the first (and possibly the last) continuous self-propelled journey over all the Munros and all the Corbetts.

Symonds, H.
Running High. Lochar, 1991.
The book of the first run over and between all the 3000-foot summits in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.