Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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The secret life of Marilyn Hall of Fame News

Martin Richardson

Eighteen years ago, my main bagging ambitions were to complete the Munros and the Hewitts. I had bought the RHB book when it was published and I was bagging Marilyns. I remember I told other people that I was. However, there was no inclination to do them all or even a major proportion. I set myself a limited goal which changed over time - from doing all the ones within 100km of my home, to all in northern England, to all between the M4 motorway and the Scottish border and then between the M4 and M8 motorways. I failed to consider that I would ever get in the Upper Hall and certainly not get past 1500.

I was aware of the Hall of Fame but not really the newsletter, until I was heading for the Hall myself. I only started receiving and reading the newsletter from 171.09 - once my name was inscribed therein. It was not long before I got involved in its production. Initially I was a final proofreader, although Alan D is so meticulous there was not a lot to do. The only real mistake I remember spotting was that the English town of King's Lynn was rendered in a Welsh version as King's Llyn. I suspect Alan was mortified. Then I became a sub-editor before ending up as the editor. Even then, Alan found it hard to let go and continued to tinker. I really am looking forward to being the editor of Relative Matters.

I am proud of my contribution to Marhofn. And I have appreciated the feedback we have received from readers. I would like to thank all the people who have contributed cash or content. I hope that Relative Matters will get the same level of support and that it will help maintain the community spirit of the relative hill-baggers of Britain.

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