Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Bunch of baglogs:

Douglas Law (+29=879)

My end of 2015 results were marked by my head teacher, Chris Watson, who stated that I had failed to make the required standard and I must do better in 2016. So during the year I only managed to bag 29 new Marilyns. I was tempted to go on a number of Alan Holmes' and Adrian Rayner's boat trips, so over 40 new island summits were obtained. I enjoy variety in my walking so tend not to fully focus on just one list.

My main aim for the year was to bag my 3000th Tump which happened in mid-October on Cairn Vachich on an eight Tump 23km walk. Chris Watson hopes that I can climb 121 new Marilyns by mid-October 2016. However, I already have three-island bagging holidays booked for 2016, so he may again be disappointed. Variety spices up my life.

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