Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Bunch of baglogs:

Alison Fox (+38=1268)

Fewer new hills in 2015 as the fun of ascending Munros intervened. I climbed almost as many repeat Munros as new hills, although the 38 includes hills that were climbed several times in the year. I guess a six-hour day with plenty of crowds has more appeal than a two-hour ascent in solitude. And before you ask, I have not been lazy. I also climbed Dumyat over 30 times in the year.

There were some great days and two of these were on the island highpoints of Carna and Dun. St Kilda was just amazing, thanks to Rick, Jen, Martin and Richard for their help on Dun and to everyone for the enjoyable night in the museum.

A few other days of note - Cairn William was a lovely wee hill, as was Bainloch Hill, and I got a summer-solstice morning on Creag an Amalaidh. Yes, I admit it I overslept the sunrise, however 5.00am is not too bad. One other wee hill gave an unexpected highlight, Arnside Knott. This was the first time in several ascents that I have seen the Arnside bore.

Not surprisingly, Christmas gave my longest spell of continuous hill days, seven of them, as it is when I have most free time. Angus, Aberdeen and Arthur's Seat featured strongly as I enjoyed easterly hills. Killyleoch Hill and kiltwalks added to the fun.

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