Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Hole in the wall gang:

Tony Smith (+100=1504)

In my 2014 contribution I said that the 'September Hebridean trip once again provided the obvious highlight of the year, perhaps the highlight of a good many years come to think of it'. Little did I think that I would be able to write almost exactly the same comment again for 2015. OK it was October this time. However, after the amazing days we spent on the St Kilda stacks, what else could I possibly highlight for the year? Truly the best and my heartfelt thanks to all involved in the planning and very professional execution of both landings and climbs. If, or more likely when, I am again challenged about why I climb trivial pimples, or some other such other derogatory description of the Marilyns, I know exactly what I shall say.

As far as new hills are concerned, 2015 actually started with the delights of south Wales in February (night-time views from Mynydd Dinas are surprisingly good) and ended, in December, only a little further north. This year-ending trip was memorable for persistently poor weather but, on the up-side, did include a couple of long-standing to-do high spots near Builth Wells and Welshpool. The third Welsh trip of the year was of course to another popular gathering in Snowdonia, which saw Lorna entering the Hall, on Foel Offrwm, unfortunately again in typically wet and windy weather.

Scottish bagging had three objectives; Grahams, completion of the southern regions and the mopping up of remaining hills elsewhere. These remain works in progress, thanks in part to the promotion of Kirriereoch Hill, inevitably just after my week in that area. The Grahams are going nicely towards a planned completion in May but, apart from Skye and Mull, the less said about the third target the better. No other real highs or lows in the year but some ridiculously long days on, for example, An Stac and An Cruachan. How does a round of the Grahams compare with that of the Corbetts or Munros?

So Marhofn reaches adulthood and is then, most disappointingly, apparently about to be killed off. I shall mourn its passing and sincerely hope that it, or something equivalent, can continue to be produced in some similarly pleasing tactile format. Online just is not the same. I have kept all my copies and regularly refer to these to jog a rapidly failing memory. I do of course have my own personal logs but for me Marhofn is really about the shared objectives and experiences, and yes, I will admit there is also the competitive element to spur me on.

One tectonic plate bumped into another and said 'sorry, it is my fault'

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