Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Hole in the wall gang:

Michael Earnshaw (+1=1556)

I completed the Marilyns on 17 October 2015 on Stac Lee.And I completed the Humps in Wales on 14 November 2015 on Graig Wen, having been one of the few who have climbed all the English Humps, including Old Man of Mow (1 July 2015).

When Marhofn started 18 years ago, I was not committed at all. I did not climb my first Marilyn until May 2001 and did not hear about Marilyns until much later than that - 2007 I think.

My commitment to Marilyn bagging peaked in 2010 when I had the time, the inclination and many Marilyns still to climb. My priorities changed once most Marilyns had been climbed - since early October 2012 I have bagged only 27 Marilyns. However, I would not wait long to visit an unclimbed hill that was added to the list. Moving nearer to hills in late 2012 made it easier to be fussy about the weather.

A key bagging event for me was a boat trip to the islands south of Barra in 2010. These were the first hills climbed with a group of Marilyn baggers. Highlights over the years include:

Low moments:

I feel a little sad about the magazine ending, but it is understandable. The pioneers have done their work, Marilyn bagging is well established now and information regarding routes and island logistics is readily available. As for the future, in no particular order, my aims are:

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