Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Sib Ship's log

Alan Holmes

Master of the SHIP (Society of Hopeless IsleoPhiles)

If you want your tally of islands to be recorded in future Ships' logs you need to submit your log of catches to at year end. Please provide full Sibber name, plus details as follows:

A catch is defined as a Sib where the Sibber has reached the highest point of the island. The Master does not wish to be prescriptive here. If you would like to have visits recorded that have not involved reaching the island summit, you should identify these Sibs separately.

The lower deck awaits Steady Sibbers - those having 80 or more Main Sibs (all classes) in their net or at least 42 Major Sibs.

The main deck awaits Strong Sibbers - with 160 or more Main Sibs to their credit or all 84 Majors.

The upper deck awaits Super Sibbers - those that have netted all the current Haswell-Smith islands or have 240 Main Sibs to their credit.

These sea-dogs have submitted their Sib catches to the end of 2014 for inclusion in the log:

Name Sibber status Main Sibs (560) Haswell-Smiths (162)
1 Ken Whyte Seasoned242143
2 Alan Holmes Strong 231 148
3 John Mackay Strong 215148
4 Jon Metcalf Strong179149
5 Douglas Law Steady119 76
6 Marian Mackay Steady11175
7 Jim Bloomer Steady 106 ?
8 Martin Richardson Steady10365
9 Michael Earnshaw Steady 83 59
10 Bob Taylor Sluggish 62 44

Not one, but two bottles of malt were consumed at the summit of Oldany Island when Ken Whyte achieved his ambition of ascending all but seven of Britain's Humps, the remainder all being stacks and realistically out of reach. That it should also be the last of his Major Sibs justified the double celebration. He was joined by many friends on 11 June 2014 for this special occasion, the culmination of a holiday which saw him, his wife Gladys and his companions visiting the islands of Orkney, North Rona, Gruinard and Oldany during May and June 2014 on a long and very successful bagging expedition.

Ken Whyte (next to cairn) celebrates on Oldany Island (photo: Alan Holmes)

Ken Whyte (next to cairn) celebrates on Oldany Island (photo: Alan Holmes)

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