Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Baglog bonanza:

Charles Everett (+11=738)

2014 started off with dipping confidence and feelings of life crisis, returning to college in January to finish off an arts degree deferred a year due to some stressful events. Much of the art was mountain or trigpoint pillar related. Another worry was increasing muscle-ache and general slowness, making big hills very hard work.

I finally got around to transferring my logs into the website. I also started to take fuller awareness of Humps and, with some degree of gritted teeth, Tumps, so I was able to simply look through my list and tabulate a total which included 13 new Humps.

I kicked off 2014 with York Alpine Club in Scotland, up the A9 on Burns weekend with a Corbett, Meallach Mor, and a Sim.

I went to Much Wenlock in April for circle-dancing and spent the next day trying to bag all the Tumps near Callow Hill then finding, after no Internet connection, that I had missed out two. I was surprised to find I had no logs at all in May until I remembered it was the last month of making stuff, mainly ceramics, for my degree show. These included a piece with two Scottish and two English trigpoint pillar top casts embossed with a football motif and references to the impending football World Cup, the Scottish referendum and the long tetchy rivalry between Scotland and England, ending up with an art-piece pun, a very-triggy two-two-draw.

I managed six Munro repeats but finally lost one Marilyn Munro due to The Saddle survey, leaving me a fake Munroist until I return to the summit missed in the mist of 2007.

The Saddle survey, with the highest point on the left (photo: Alan Dawson)

The Saddle survey, with the highest point on the left (photo: Alan Dawson)

In August I spent a fortnight in eastern Europe. It was sometimes difficult but I met some great new people, bagged four Ultras and a Major, three 2900m+ summits, Olympus and Musala, Greek and Bulgarian high points plus Vihren. Great mountains and thanks to Martin Richardson for the opportunity, even though I found them hard.

Getting sucked into Tumps had me popping across from my parents in Cheltenham to north of Winchcombe simply to bag an obscure little pimple on my birthday purely because it was a virgin log and I was the first to log it on I felt euphoric but consciously nerdy.

In Somerset in August, on another hunt for virgin Tumps to bag, I was firmly told off by two women who had TB on their farm for the first time and were in irrational GOML mode.

I much enjoyed the Alwinton baggers weekend and getting up my final Marilyn of the year and seventh-last in England.

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