Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Baglog bonanza:

Jim Fothergill (+68=1487)

Three main trips in 2014, all courtesy of Alan Holmes' excellent organisation.

The first was four days of walking, biking and boating on Barra and associated islands in early May, bagging all the Marilyns and Humps, apart from the two sea stacks of Mingulay. On the way back I visited Beinn nan Oighreag from Glen Lochay as the first time I went there in 2004, in pre-GPS days, it was in clag and I was not sure I had got to the top.

The second was a 17-day trip to Helmsdale, Orkney and back to Helmsdale in late May and early June to coincide with the Marhof annual dinner. Some great days from Helmsdale especially on the return visit - Beinn Dubhain, Creag Scalabsdale and Cnoc an Eireannaich from Suisgill Lodge, and the following day the Braemore round of Maiden Pap, Smean, Morven, Small Mount, Sal-vaich and Scaraben. Orkney was magnificent, biking most days including a 95km round of the west and north Mainland, Eday with Michael Earnshaw and 52km around Westray. All the Marilyns and Humps were bagged apart from the Old Man of Hoy and Gairsay. Loads of Trumps bagged too (trigpoint pillars which are also Tumps).

The third was an 18-day trip to Lewis in September, staying at the excellent Laxdale bunkhouse near Stornoway and including Alan's boat trips to St Kilda, Pabbay, Scarp, Taransay, the Shiants and Seaforth Island. Highlights were seeing an eagle sitting on Coltraiseal Mor cairn as it came into view, four buzzards circling above Ben Laimishader, all three days of the St Kilda trip, the round of the Loch Raonasgail hills with Campbell Singer, and the south-east Pairc hills from Eisgein. Twenty-nine Marilyns and 18 Humps bagged and the Outer Hebrides completed.

Other notable outings were Rick Salter's trip to Ailsa Craig in April, followed by a visit to Killyleoch Hill with Jim Bloomer, taking in the new Nuttall of Thack Moor the following day on the way back home, then Phil Cooper's last Birketts followed by a joint 1000th trigpoint pillar celebration with Doug Law on Ravensworth Fell in August.

Apart from these I have been whittling away at the Wainwright Outlying Fells (13 left, including nameless ones), Birketts (135 left) and nearby Humps and trigpoint pillars on day trips.

In 2015 I have got a trip to Mull booked to coincide with the Marhof annual dinner and if all goes to plan should bag my 25 outstanding Marilyns plus Alan's trips to Carna and Scarba. If I can also fit in trips to Durness, Rogart and Kinlochewe that should get me down to single figures remaining - the tamperers notwithstanding.

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