Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Baglog bonanza:

Alan Whatley (+6-2=1555)

I spent the first two months of 2014 bagging a few Humps, playing golf in Kent and birdwatching in Sri Lanka. However, from March to June I was camping in Scotland visiting a total of 65 islands from Shetland in the north to Jura in the south. These were followed by the boat trips to North Rona and islands near Ullapool.

In July and August I ascended four volcanoes in Kamchatka, Russia.

In October I was on the trip to St Kilda, including Stac an Armin.

The last two months of the year were spent bagging Humps in Wales, Sims in England and Wales, and Open Championship golf courses.

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