Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Baglog bonanza:

Rob Woodall (+3-2=1556)

January 2014 was the Lake District - bagging Chilean volcano Ultras but the weather much like the English version. Then to Colombia with Adam Helman for 5000m Ritacuba Blanco. Sadly this was to be my last trip with Adam - a year later he was dead. His contribution to prominence-related bagging was immense and we had several very memorable trips together.

February is typically a quiet time, with the odd weekend spent on Welsh 300m summits: surely one of the most scenic of lists.

March was a Tump landmark event at Roberton Law featuring Chris Bienkowski, Chris Watson and (obviously) soggy weather although it cheered up later for Alan Dawson's Hump landmark. Also a spectacularly brambly ascent of Puffin Island off Anglesey.

April was the Azores with Adrian Rayner and USA über-bagger Bob Packard. Pico was Bob's 1000th 610m prominence summit - and in 80kmph wind and heavy rain it was pretty good going for a 78-year-old.

May and June featured a very successful Orkney trip organised by Alan Holmes: Papa Stour, Copinsay and the trip out to Muckle Skerry across an improbably bumpy tide race were particular highlights.

Orkney was immediately followed by a trip to the USA, mostly south-west, including Mt Whitney (the Lower 48's highest), and the iconic Mt Hood, dragged along by the alarmingly speedy Alan Bernier.

August included an Alpine weekend with Andrew Tibbetts and Lee Newton. No Ultras but some fine P600s, making use of Lee's encyclopaedic knowledge of the Swiss P600s to work round some poor weather.

September was Greece with Andrew Tibbetts then finding some early snow in Romania, where I bagged my 200th P1500m Ultra.

In October a group of us had the somewhat unreal experience of bagging the two remaining St Kilda sea stack Marilyns in a day. Followed by Chris Watson's excellent Munros completion in trademark bad weather.

November was Northumberland courtesy of Jenny Hatfield and Rick Salter and featuring Lucy Feltham of fame. And in nearby Teesdale I celebrated my final Curry Stool - there are nine of these quirky horizontal-format trigpoints, some in very out-of-the-way places - celebrated with a curry obviously.

December ended the year in Australia and New Zealand with Adrian Rayner and Petter and Pål Bjørstad for a few Ultras on the far side of the world.

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