Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Meet some new members:

Philip Massey (582)

My interest in Marilyns began... in June 2012, when a friend of mine and I went to the Outer Hebrides. He had just bought the RHB book. I must admit at the time I showed little interest. The following day we got talking to Alan Whatley on a boat to Mingulay. That evening we met up again in the Castlebay Hotel bar and he showed us his detailed logs of Marilyns. I was hooked.

My favourite Marilyns is... probably Morven because this conical hill rises from the remoteness and isolation of Caithness. Do not we all like the quiet and isolation? Also An Teallach - Bidean a'Ghlas Thuill - which I climbed in 1980 is up there as well.

My least favourite Marilyns are... probably those in the northern Pennines because the terrain is bleak, usually cloudy and heavy-going underfoot. In particular, Mickle Fell was hard.

Do I keep Marilyn bagging a secret? Most people know I have a fascination for mountains and that I am a hillbagger and I encourage like minded people.

I... am an avid fan of Bolton Wanderers and have seen them play on over 100 football grounds. I have climbed Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, Jungfrau and many other alpine peaks. I been to 43 European countries, with 15 to go. I have been to all the continents apart from Antarctica. As you can see I love travelling. As a design technology teacher for 38 years the holidays helped complete the Munros in the 1980s. Retirement allows me to take the Marilyns on board.

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