Marhofn 294.17 - May 2015

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Meet some new members:

Liz Galbraith (605)

My interest in Marilyns began... after my husband, Ian, had a chance meeting with Alan Dawson on a hill one day. I was taken with the idea as it gave an excuse to explore parts of the country where there were no Munros or Corbetts. It also offered the chance to walk lower hills where I could actually get a view when the higher hills were all clagged in.

My favourite Marilyn is... Beinn a'Chrulaiste, Glen Coe. It is a great value hill. For not too much effort you get a terrific view of Glen Coe and it is manageable by people who are not dedicated hillwalkers. Plus, any of the Cairngorms, it is just such a special place, but especially Cairn Toul.

My least favourite Marilyns are... Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil, Crianlarich. The terrain is hideous, the weather was rubbish too and so I have no intention of going back to see if there is actually a view. Strangely I have yet to find anyone who has a good word for this pair. Beinn Chabhair is a close second. I hate the descent beside the waterfall, you cannot look at the view for watching your feet and it is always busy.

Do I keep Marilyn bagging a secret? No, but I blame Ian and say it is his crazy hobby.

I... found it touch and go whether my first love was hills or motorcycles. I rode my first motorbike (well moped), illegally, at age eight then went on to own one or two. I had a motorcycle licence long before I could drive.

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