Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Baglogs (72 of them):

Eric Young (+1=1550)

Marilyn baggers are collectors by nature. 'I had to go Tibet to see its rosefinch to complete spotting one bird of every genus in the world'. So said this man that Anne and I met as he descended Cruach Mor.

'You are not also bagging Marilyns, by any chance?'

Alan Whatley confessed to a very large bag. I had just collected another Marilyn bagger tick.

Not all chance encounters are listed. Ken Critchley now walks alone from his camper van base. We met him on the twin-topped Beinn Tharsuinn during a stay at Lairg. Then met him again next day on Carn Salachaidh. Munroist 727, Corbetteer and nearing completion of the Grahams.

'You should join the Marilyn bagging list, Ken' we suggested.

The twin-topped Beinn Tharsuinn and Strath Rory (photo: Trevor Littlewood)

The twin-topped Beinn Tharsuinn and Strath Rory (photo: Trevor Littlewood)

Another Graham bagger feeling his age was Dr Casson from Ulverston ascending An Ruadh-mheallan. Averse to the mention of more Marilyns, perhaps you will join us too, sir?

Paul and Joy Biggins were more certain: 'perhaps when we get to 700'. With the Ms, Cs and Gs complete, Beinn Mhor out of Grantown was within a day's range of Fort William.

The burning question is: 'Can I count them if I meet them before they join the list?' Ah, the ethical dilemmas of bagging.

Would you know whose experiment it was on Carn na Dubh Choille, in June? One dead deer staked out on top with two cameras trained on it. Perhaps we were on Candid Camera but it looked like research into carrion scavengers.

As you approach Brodick, courtesy of CalMac, the bold outline of Goat Fell stands proud. I had always fancied the unfancied south ridge. The walk comes recommended. Bouldery below and slabby beyond, it is a wonderful way up if you want interest, lots of juniper and peace on the way up a busy hill.

My other nomination for ridge of the year is a less usual approach to the Loch Vaich Beinn Tharsuinn. We had cycled up lovely Glen Calvie - and right through the main gates of the lodge. Nice active adder. We took the Diebidale ridge, from the lodge of the same name, over the Graham Top and Hump. Did I say Hump? Score that from the record, please. Wonderful way in.

Some wonderful Marilyn days were had on Islay, Harris and in Torridon with Anne. Shared weeks as part of the George Morl fan club. A big thank you to Alan Holmes for organising the isles of the outer isles trips. Brilliant.

Managed just the one new Marilyn, Lamberton Hill. With retirement from full-time employment just around the corner I wonder who I will meet in 2014?

The other Beinn Tharsuinn in 15B (photo: Alan Dawson)

The other Beinn Tharsuinn in 15B (photo: Alan Dawson)

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