Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Baglogs (72 of them):

Tony Rogers (+106=1301)

During the June 2013 heatwave Dee and I went to Shetland where Lerwick was the coldest place in the UK for several days. During the July heatwave, when many places in the UK had their hottest day of the year, we were in Lewis waiting for the high pressure to move further north. I went with my friend Jackie to the five Pairc Marilyns, walking entirely in cloud all day with drizzle at times. We eventually came out of the cloud at 200m around 7pm. We had got the fish farm at Scaladal to take us across Loch Seaforth and learned that the fish farm is moving to Harris. So, future Pairc Marilyn baggers will have to find an alternative boat or camp. The remaining two Pairc Marilyns were done in wonderful clear and sunny weather with views to the Shiants and Skye.

Lionel Bidwell and I ventured to the Cowal peninsula in September where we did about half the Grahams and Marilyns. The trees do not get any better. In the autumn, Dee and I had successful Marilyn bagging trips around the valleys of south Wales and in the Scottish Borders, including the new Marilyn near Dumfries.

A family visit in December enabled us to do the new Marilyn near Berwick-upon-Tweed, but the bad weather stopped us getting to Mynydd Anelog on the Lleyn peninsula in late December.

My Grahams total for 2013 was pathetic at 17, leaving 66 to be done. Perhaps I will complete them in 2016.

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