Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Baglogs (72 of them):

Kevin Palmer (+4=322)

A very poor total, even by my usual low scores. Changing jobs and family circumstances meant there was little time for bagging. The four bags took place during the summer heatwave on a first ever visit to Strontian.  However, whilst climbing our first hill the clouds descended and we spent the next four days in a watery hell. Even the fantastic Ben Hiant on day two was ascended in wet clouds.  Definitely a hill I would climb again to see the views. We did finally get views on our final hill of the week, Garbh Bheinn, where we could see what our previous hills, Beinn Resipol and Sgurr Dhomnuill, looked like from afar. Needless to say our drive back south to home was completed in summer conditions.

We will be back in Strontian in the future, maybe 2015. As I type this plans are being made for Rum in June. My work pattern including holiday time is a lot more stable now so perhaps some early bagging can take place although the UK seems to be mainly waterlogged this January.

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