Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Tony Smith (+96=1348)

After a slow start (nothing until late March), in many ways 2013 turned out to be a good hill year. The September Hebridean trip provided both the highlights - boat trips to Shiants and other places - and the lowlight, i.e. the boat failure en route to St Kilda. Here's hoping for better luck in 2014. As with previous such trips this was also a great opportunity to finally meet at least some of the more well-known names within this group.

Elsewhere, the year provided the usual mixture of wonderful views from easily attained summits on the one hand and dire bracken, thick wet weather and awkward river crossings on the other. The rough with the smooth as ever.

Despite over thirty years and 1000 Scottish hills, 2013 saw our first visits to Kintyre, memorable for trees, and Cape Wrath, memorable for military litter and a long walk since the minibus was full.

Having done a fair amount of reasonably local mopping up in 2013 (that now seems to mean anything less than about 240km each way) and with only just over 200 potential targets, I suspect that future progress will slow somewhat. Note to self: must get around to tackling some of the more remote hills before age-related degeneration becomes too marked. A Graham completion is my next significant objective but there are a few potentially serious challenges there (An Cruachan and Ben Armine spring to mind). Nobody said this game was going to be easy, but then if it were always such it would surely also be rather less satisfying.

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