Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Phil Hardy (689)

My interest in Marilyns began... after seeing a copy of a friend's RHB book. This translated into a birthday present. That did it. I had already completed the Munros and embarked upon the Corbetts, so this added an extra dimension to the enjoyment to be had.

My favourite Marilyns are... to be found on the road from Fort William to Mallaig. They offer great views, tough, testing, tantalising, sometimes treacherous terrain and a sense of engagement with the patrimony.

My least favourite Marilyns are... the south Lake District wind power station, Lowick High Common, and the Yorkshire roadside Bishop Wilton Wold as I nearly got knocked down crossing the road.

Do I keep Marilyn bagging a secret? No way. I am proud to bag.

I... I was and still am exceptionally good at sport - 'for your age' according to my wife. I do not have a beard. However, I possess a fascinating (to me) array of old T-shirts. I am a great cook. I hate computers, but am grateful to my wife for the loan of her iPad.

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