Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Meet some new members:

Chris Pine (777)

My interest in Marilyns began... a long time ago. I have always been aware of the list and owned the book. Over the years I have gone over many of them when on trips around the hills. A chance encounter with Alan Dawson whilst on my stag do of all things gave me the shove I needed to get my name in the Hall of Fame. We were staying in Pitlochry youth hostel, bumped into his friends, and ended up delaying the pub the next day for a walk up Ben Vrackie with them and Alan - see picture for proof.

My favourite Marilyns are... Sgurr na Ciche from the Munros (amazing conical summit plus view), Baosbheinn from the Corbetts (magnificent views), Slat Bheinn from the Grahams (isolated position) and Mullach na Carn, Scalpay, pure Marilyn (great view over to Skye hills).

My least favourite Marilyns are... in the Borders, where I spent some time hill running and a few are not very interesting. Law Kneis when done through the trees, for example. There are plenty of others that make up for it though.

Do I keep Marilyn bagging a secret? No, I have always worked in outdoor shops so it would be kind of hard and wrong to keep it a secret. It is always good to speak to like-minded people and I have been lucky enough to work with and meet many of these kind of people through my job.

I... was lucky enough to marry my long-suffering girlfriend who puts up with all my hill trips. Hence the meeting with Alan Dawson on my stag do. We are expecting our first child in 2014 so I do not expect my total to increase at the rate it did in 2013.

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