Marhofn 269.15 - May 2013

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Matt Rendle (+17=667)

Generally, a good start to 2012 tailed off as the year progressed. I managed three short trips to Scotland within the first two months, particular highlights being a desperate twilight dash down Beinn Bheula just after the new year, as I misjudged the time, and a more leisurely round of the five Corbetts above Auch, a month later. The third trip, in late February, yielded some steady weather but only repeats of hills around Loch Lomond, although notable for possibly the worst wind ever encountered up a peak on Beinn Narnain.

Otherwise, I managed a trip to the Alps in August which also coincided with some stable weather, allowing another 4000m peak, Dent d'Herens, to be climbed along with a couple of other good climbing routes. My final trip to Scotland came with a drive/walk completion of the three Corbetts in Galloway in a single day, in September, with reasonably good weather.

I should also mention that the year was notable for actually adding to my English total for the first time in many years, with several trips. Wild Boar Fell just after the new year had enough snow to encourage several skiers on to the hill. The rest of the walking year was spent closer to home, continuing to complete my quest to climb all of Dartmoor's tors - well over two hundred now, but still plenty to do.

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