Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Beavering update

Alan Dawson

with thanks to Chris Crocker and George Gradwell

The surveyors' results show that big changes are still possible, even though the status of most Marilyns remains the same after a survey. For example, Beinn Dearg Mor has lost four metres in height, while the drop from Lambrigg Fell has increased by six metres. These findings imply that there must be new Marilyns out there waiting to be discovered, and also that one or two marginal Marilyns may still be demoted. Cairnie Hill in Fife is certainly marginal, but then so are Arnside Knott and Garreg-hir, and they both survived surveys.

Surveys are not the only source of changes. The diligent gangmasters of the Database of British and Irish Hills supervise a distributed team of digital map scourers that beaver away night and day around the country, periodically unearthing new topographical insights for the benefit of baggers. Some recent discoveries to emerge from this unheralded but valuable activity are summarised below, in the style of the chief tamperer himself.

  Name Height Map Summit Drop
9A Cnapan a'Choire Odhair Mhoir60236 NH904299 c33
10C Meall a'Choire Ghlais East Top90134 NN299960 c23
14A Sail Liath West Top92019 NH070825 c22
14A Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill East Top104219 NH069843 c22
14A Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill Far East Top100219 NH071842 c21

Cnapan a'Choire Odhair Mhoir is a new Sim near Carn Glas-choire. The other summits are new SubMurdos and SubSims. Harvey maps and Garmin topo maps have both provided useful data about the complex topography on the outlying prongs of An Teallach.

While some may groan at these revelations of newly identified summits, it is worth remembering that there are still 21 hills currently listed as Munro Tops that have less than 20m drop, and then there are the many deleted Munro Tops, which some find inexplicably baggable. The SMC seems particularly enthusiastic about marginal jaggy tops such as Knight's Peak and the Basteir Tooth, so it is a little surprising that they have overlooked the tops of Bidein a'Ghlas Thuill, the highest point of An Teallach, whereas both Sgurr Fiona and Carn Eige have had various confusing pinnacles listed as Munro Tops in the past.

Finally, in case anyone was missing that smug feeling that comes with having anticipated possible changes to the list by just-in-case bagging, there is the news that Saugh Hill (27B) has been officially promoted to the status of twin peak alongside Troweir Hill. Of course we've all done it already, haven't we?

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