Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Tampering update

John Barnard

No changes to the Marilyns last year - Garreg-hir was close but it still shaved in with a drop of 150.7m.

The surveying highlight would be the height measurement for the Fisherfield Munro, Beinn a'Chlaidheimh, which falls short of the 3000-feet mark by 0.4m. This was part of the heighting project carried out for the Munro Society. The Ordnance Survey are now putting the new height on their maps but the Scottish Mountaineering Club, which maintains the list of Munros, is still considering the result and as yet has not accepted the new height for its official list.

We found a new Dewey, Kirkby Fell, which made a nice change from all the deletions we have made to this list.

The survey for the highest point in Nottinghamshire caused a little stir locally. The council had reclaimed a slag tip called Silverhill and had enlarged it to become the highest point in the county. Our measurements showed that they had not added enough to the top and that a point on the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border near Newtonwood Lane was still higher.

All the remaining surveys resulted in the maintenance of the status quo or shifts in summit positions.

  Name Height Summit Drop Status
14A Beinn Dearg Mor906.3 NH03227992564 Still a Corbett
14A Beinn a'Chlaidheimh914.0 NH06137756266 Demoted Munro?
14A Ruadh Stac Mor918.9 NH01857565167 Still a Munro
19B Cruach Lusach466 NR786832279 Summit confirmed
28B Beefstand Hill562 NT82114370 Deleted Dewey: top is in Scotland
30C Bryn Alyn408.3 SJ20085875100.8 Still a Hump
30D Craig yr Hafod533.6 SH8888437566 Dewey (wrong height on OS maps)
30E Lledwyn Mawr526.0 SH9050287430.9 Still a Dewey
31A Garreg-hir484.9 SN99879792150.7 Still a Marilyn
31B Shadwell Hill497 SO20398749   Not a Dewey
31C Esgair Gelli504.5 SN7764577728.2 Not a Dewey
32A Fan Brycheiniog802.5 SN82432206423 New summit position
32A Moel Feity591 SN8486230478 Dewey summit identified
32A Cefn Cul562 SN8606205799 Dewey summit identified
33 Housedon Hill266 NT90213270182 Still a Marilyn (south top is the summit)
34C Wether Hill670 NY4546163015 Nuttall (south top is the summit)
34D Lambrigg Fell339.6 SD58689417158.6 Still a Marilyn
35B Kirkby Fell546.4 SD8738635331.1 New Dewey
36 Chinley Churn457.0 SK03698436129 Hump (new summit position)
36 High Billinge178.6 SJ55476621127 Hump (replaces Hangingstone Hill)
37 Newtonwood Lane205.0 SK4561606445 New County Top for Nottinghamshire

The surveys of Cruach Lusach, Wether Hill and Beefstand Hill were carried out by Abney level, all others using differential GPS.

Surveying Fan Brycheiniog (photo: George Gradwell)

Surveying Fan Brycheiniog (photo: George Gradwell)

Maya adds:

Just the two surveys so far, using a Leica RX1250 GPS, with no change in status of the relevant hills:

  Name Height Summit Drop Status
4B Meall na Duibhe571.2 NN22656532149.1 Still a Submarilyn
28B Fastheugh Hill501.5 NT39332771144.9 Still a Submarilyn

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