Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Mission Drift?

Ron Turner (+56=894)

I really look forward to receiving Marhofn, the magazine for Marilyn baggers. However, I found last year's edition most confusing and began to wonder whether the acronym actually stood for Magnificent Achievements Reported Having Ought (of interest) For Newsletter-readers.

It seemed strange having three photographs of exotic locations on the front cover, but I realised it must be a joke as the fourth photograph was of an insignificant hill in the far north of Scotland. I assume the point was to remind us that the magazine is meant to be about Marilyns and similar types of hills within the British Isles. Hopefully this not so subtle hint will have the desired effect. If not, and with due respect to all concerned, would it be possible to consign such exploits abroad to the back pages.

Well, thanks for letting me have a good rant; after all I am a septuagenarian, and thus a Grumpy Old Man. I would however like to thank Chris Watson for his explicit directions as to the easiest way of getting through the trees on Law Kneis (Guided By Voices, Marhofn 2010), which was a great help on a stormy wet day in late November.

PS: Has anyone ever contemplated completing a continuous round of, say, all Marilyns over 500m in Scotland north of the central belt, perhaps excluding the islands? This would certainly make interesting reading but perhaps too much of a challenge even for anyone who has done more than 400 Marilyns in a year. Mind you, if someone can do a round of Munros in 39 days, nine hours and six minutes...

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