Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Less relative hills of Britain:

Sims Hall of Fame

Alan Dawson

Sims are simply P30s over 600m high. Similarly, the Sims Hall of Fame is for those who have climbed over 2000 Sims. This is a deliberately high proportion of the total (2531) as it is far too easy to enter other HoFs and so it is becoming a lot of work to update them. Even Rob Woodall isn't quite in the SimHoF yet, though Stuart Benn and Iain Thow could be.

Having completed all the feasible Marilyns in 2011, I thought I might simply enjoy going for walks and reclimbing some higher hills, but it's not easy to give up bagging. I therefore selfishly made the Sims Hall of Fame hard to reach so that I'd have a good incentive to keep me going for a few years yet. For some reason I find that Sims offer more motivation than Corbett Tops or Graham Tops, even though they are largely the same hills. Perhaps they just seem more logical. Anyway, here's the current SimHoF. I wonder if it will ever have 255 members.

2530 Ken Whyte
2260 Colin Crawford
2195 Andy Hyams

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