Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Martyn Dougherty (+86=990)

This year is to be taken up with attempting to complete the Grahams. Although I have 30 yet to climb, the decision was reached on the summit of An Stac last June.

Back in May 2007 I climbed Meith Bheinn together with two lower Marilyns. This walk had taken me eight hours and I looked forlornly across at An Stac and concluded that a walk across to that hill would be beyond this hillwalker's capabilities. Well, not so. Where there is a will there is sure to be a way. It took some persistence but I eventually persuaded a local farmer to take me in his boat, along with his four dogs and his elderly father, from the end of the public road on the north side of Loch Morar to the east end of the loch. Needless to say an appropriate fee was agreed. The day was spectacularly clear, the ascent was straightforward and a golden eagle was sighted on the approach to the summit, where views all around were breathtaking.

The previous week had been spent on Skye attending the Marilyn gathering. During that week I climbed The Storr, a very satisfying personal achievement considering the disappointment of my earlier attempt described in last year's Marhofn.

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