Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Dotting the I in Hewitts: Alan Holmes (+0=1552)

I climbed my last new British Marilyn, Cnoc Glas on Soay, back in September 2009, and having bumped around in the 'log jam' at the head of the Hall for the whole of 2010, a year of little achievement (several Humps and a clutch of P30s was my pitiful tally), I was determined to be more active in 2011. As usual, skiing got the better of me during the first four months of the year but then I managed to sort myself out and spent the last three weeks of June on the other side of the Irish Sea, bagging Hewitts. I ascended 47 during the trip, including my last remaining Major (P600), Croaghaun on a bright and sunny 30 June.

There were many memorable days during the trip and, persuaded by my love of the Irish scenery, their music and friendly craik, I returned to tackle 17 more Hewitts during ten days in October. I had already climbed all the English and Welsh Hewitts (completed March 1998 and July 1999 respectively) so that my lone climb up the northern slopes of Knockbrinnea in the Reeks on a cold but bright 7 October was my last Hewitt of all. I certainly intend to spend more time in Ireland over the next few years; there are many interesting Irish Marilyns yet to be visited.

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