Marhofn 255.14 - May 2012

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Festive Edinburgh: Alison Fox (+64=1052)

In April I climbed my 1000th Marilyn, Arthur's Seat, on a windswept evening, confident that I was enjoying the highest altitude champagne in the city.

There were many other memorable hills amongst the year's Marilyns. Ailsa Craig in June and Ward Hill on Hoy in July were my two new island high points and both gave good weather. Other favourites were a summer solstice ascent of Sgurr Marcasaidh, seeing Ben Wyvis in the very early morning above a spectacular cloud inversion, a warm summer's day on Gummer's How and the surprisingly enjoyable Torr Achilty.

Celebratory hills are always fun, and I had the pleasure of three of these. Whilst my 1000th Marilyn was, of course, a first ascent, the other two hills were repeats. Both Ben Cleuch - Mark Trengove's 600th, and Eildon Mid Hill - Rick Salter and Jenny Hatfield's joint 600th, were great days in good company.

A year of bagging which began in the snow on Blaeloch Hill was suitably rounded off in the snow when we climbed Black Hill near Earlston in the afternoon after Rick and Jen's 600th Marilyn. A new hill for everyone in the party, the celebratory hill looked magnificent in the distance in the fading light as we raced the sunset down.

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